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Unlike store-bought cakes, there are no preservatives and additives. Is there a fruit version? Thank you for sharing , Hi Marhama! Ohh… I didn’t know the flour need to be fluffed up… that means I’ve used more flour. I’m really happy that you liked the recipe and thank you for your feedback! Thank you so much for your reply, yeah maybe because of to much mixing, my daughter helped me while making them, she loves to mix, keep on doing it even when I already told her it’s enough mixing haha, Hi Lydia! Pour the batter into … Hi Teo! Steamed cake looks easy..I have give it a try. What happened ? We can do it in a steamer, but ideally, we want to conduct heat gently, which is why we use the water bath method. My toddler has cow’s milk allergy. hi, which kind of milk do u use in the recipe? Thank you for your kind feedback, Cindy! You could use a heat-resistant bowl or something too… Does loaf pan will fit in the pan AND you can close the lid properly? I make it about once a week now because its so easy and quick to make. As my partner doesn’t like corn I left the corn out and used a bit more cheese instead. This cookies and cream cupcake recipe starts with a base of an easy vanilla cupcake from a post earlier. Yes! Pipe on piggy details, start with the pink batter, followed by brown batter. I didn’t cover the lid with a kitchen towel cause my lid was in a dome shape. Steamer takes longer time to cook these than my water bath method. Do you cube the sweet potato or mash? I’d love to hear about your variations and results in the comments! But it might affect cooking time? Yeah I don’t like 1.5 recipe too. The flour has gluten in it and you don’t want to develop the gluten. I will try with one more tbsp of sugar to compensate that but I will make more that’s for sure! And the texture of the cake s hard and chewy. Fill it almost full, but not totally full. Then unmould from silicone moulds and steamed caramel cupcakes are ready to be served. Thank you for your work! If you pack 1/2 cup with flour, your flour will be more than my 60 g. You have to fluff up the flour, spooon flour into the cup, and level off (this is how you measure flour with measuring cups). What type of ramekin did you use? So happy it went successfully! . It doesn’t really rise like a dome. Thank you Charlotte! I haven’t tried making this with gluten free flour or rice flour. Hi Cathy! Hi, I followed ur recipe but how come my steam cake is porous after removing it from the pan? I would like to try. Don’t worry about cooking time – each stove top, frying pan, cups… they are all different and those affect cooking time. Recipe by UW4Life. I love vanilla buttercream with these but chocolate or lemon is yummy too! . Can I add macha powder to the basic steam cake recipe (if so how much) ? I just made these and they were absolutely delicious! Don't over mix. ???? Thank you so much for your feedback! The strange thing is that after combining the egg and flour mixtures, my final batter doesn’t look as smooth and creamy as yours. So happy to hear your children enjoy this recipe! So I’m glad you figured out what works for you. The recipie has never failed. For sweet steamed cakes, you can add vanilla extract. It’s steamed cake, so it’s best right after steamed. In a mixing bowl add the butter and sugar. I don't have a formal steamer, so I just use my wok with a small support in the middle to hold up the cake pan. It’s better to use an electric hand mixer for the final mix. These healthy steamed cakes are soft and easy to digest, so they are perfect for small children! You can use a steam function, but when you think about the steaming time, please take 1) pressurizing time and 2) natural release or quick release time into consideration. As in, on a wire rack above the water instead of with the ramekins in the water? xo. Just wondering if it really is 2tbsp milk for 1/2cup flour? Any idea what’s a good replacement here? Aww I’m so happy to hear your daughters enjoyed this recipe! Let us know how it goes! Hi Ash! How big is your mushipan’s diameter? but haven’t had a chance to write . 220g castor sugar ( I used 150g only) 1 tsp vanilla essence. . These look yummy. Around the same time, steamed cakes started to appear in Japanese kitchens. However I could never imagine the cakes would be so beautiful, fluffy and great. In a medium bowl, combine all-purpose flour and baking powder and whisk well to combine (shortcut for sifting). Hi, can I use a stainless steel container instead of glass to hold the cake batter for steaming? I decided to experiment and instead of doing either one, I cut up an apple and added 1/4 c. Finely chopped apple and steamed it for the required 10 minutes. This is to avoid the cupcakes from shrinking due to change of temperature. Thank you for your kind feedback! They are so easy to make and soooo tasty. Heehee.. you are true Japanese! It would be troublesome to use half egg, right? I’m so happy to hear that your children enjoyed this recipe. Thanks for your kind feedback. Must try it and find out! About the ramekins, first, I have those glass ramekins to make Japanese (steamed) purin (pudding). Hi Anna! I’d say you probably don’t need to cook that long. Hi Slaxx! May 24, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by thuyanh nghiem. My moma used to make sukiaki, not sure if I spelled it correctly but it was so good,I would love to carry on her tradition she didn’t have it written down, if you could please give me these 2 recipes it would make my year!! Platinum Blonde Cupcakes. If you reheat the frozen steamed cake, defrost first before microwaving. Definitely a fuss-free recipe, will make this again next time. I remember someone used it with gluten-free flour and came out well. Thank you for sharing. steam; Search. thank u for this recipe I made this today and they came out super soft and fluffy I’ve never steamed cupcakes or made homemade cupcakes and they came out great. I haven’t tried with whole wheat so please adjust the wet ingredients if necessary. I have never used sugar substitute so I am not sure how it will be… for other recipes, I’ve received some comments that they work to replace sugar, but the recipes may be savory one. Choose savory or sweet based on the ingredients you use. , Techism is an online Publication that complies Bizarre, Odd, Strange, Out of box facts about the stuff going around in the world which you may find hard to believe and understand. Place the pan into the steamer. Steam cupcakes over preheated steamer on low heat for 12 minutes. Hi Nami, do you think I can use white whole wheat flour for this steamed cake? Thanks! I’ve tried the chocolate steamed cake and the result turned out amazing! Steamed Cake or we call it Mushi Pan (蒸しパン) is a light, fluffy, and soft cake. Thanks! Hi Lulumummy! Hi Loisa! If i put raisins in the basic steamed cake recipe, do i need to reduce the sugar to one tbsp? I haven’t tried it but I think you can do that. Haha I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy these steamed cake recipe! Hi Teo! (not the steamer) It may help distribute the heat faster than using the steamer, especially for your 20cm round stainless steel pan. Thank you for the recipe. If there was still a lot of water left, we assume that it did not have enough steam in the steamer when you were steaming and didn’t distribute the heat well to your 20 cm round stainless steel pan. Would it work in a loaf pan? The batter is sticky and not smooth like how it supposed to be. But the end result is always the same. It’s not sweet like western cake, so you might increase the sugar amount… Origami themed cake! Is it supposed to be like this? Sorry if my questions is silly. Hmm… I’m not sure if fondant can stay on top? Our most trusted Steam Chocolate Filled Cupcake recipes. However, homemade steamed cakes are equally delicious and you can play around with various flavors. Thanks for your kind feedback. Your email address will not be published. If you can, sure! I’m so happy to hear you and your family enjoyed this recipe. xo. Isn’t it convenient and nice? thank you very much . How bad is it? I’ll need to know a bit more information to find out why…. I m first time tho. . I used to buy this from a local Japanese bakery. I too, want to join and I think I must try this Ladybug steam cupcake. Would the basic recipe still work if I added frozen blueberries or would it turn out too soggy? I’ll try other variations soon, as they are so easy to do. would it work in a cake pan? Hi Carol! All images and content on this site are copyright protected. Is there a substitute available for eggs in this recipe to try out. Hi! Course Dessert, Snack. I do notice u have a green tea steam cake recipe, but my family don’t eat yogurt (on its own) and its hard to find a small container of yogurt where I live. No, I haven’t. Put a cupcake liner in glass ramekins and divide the batter into the cupcake liners. Hi Nadine! Add vanilla and mix.Beat egg white and fold with the batter.Pour cupcake pan and steam for 15 – 20 minutes. 275g plain flour . Thank you! So your steam recipe is wonderful, even I can make it haha.. I’m so so new in baking, don’t have any oven or a lot of baking stuff. your own Pins on Pinterest Hi Linda! Hi Helene! I hope I can try that one day… thank you for your kind feedback! Thank you for help , Hi Oxana! Thanks for kindly responding and updating me., 1 cup of flour should be 120-125 g. If you scoop up, the amount of flour is definitely more than the amount I used in this recipe. If you would like to add mashed banana, we recommend adjusting the milk or oil amount depending on how much banana you want to add because banana will add more moisture to the batter.. cooking involves the oven a lot. Does it fit into the steamer? Kitty Girl Cupcakes . Maybe if you oil the ramekins it might work… I’ve never done it before. Love these! Thank you for trying this recipe. Can I substitute the milk for soy milk? I have no issue with the liners I’ve used in the past. This time I put ganache in the middle. , Hi Wendy! Hi Kelly, Thank you very much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! Maybe you missed that entry because of that. . Hi Fion! How can I prevent it? I couldn’t be happier to hear how much joy and excitement my recipe has brought to you. Just 2 days, but you will need to steam it again to make it fluffy. I cover the lid on top to steam and the lid is wrapped with a towel so the condensation won’t drop to the steamed cakes. . Tomorrow I’ll be making the cheese version. , Hi I don’t have ramekins. I’ll attempt again, would so love to make it work for me! Just a subtle sweetness. They're done when a skewer inserted comes out clean without wet batter. We decided to do a sweet honey and sesame one. I hope to share different variations soon! Hi Nami, just wondering can I use normal muffin tin to steam? . , Is it possible to steam cup cakes in a traditional steamer? Please let me know. Could be double amount of time. I’d like to help but need more info. Thanks for the recipe and your wonderful blog! This is a soft and spongy cupcake. Thanks for your feedback! Just a came out a little harder than those storebought. Tiny Confetti Cupcake . Hi namiko.. Yay! Hi Maggie! Savory steam cake sounds good. HTH. Thank you so much for visiting my website and wow you already made these steamed cakes! Milo!!!! Are you sure about the cocoa powder? I wish I can give you egg substitute but I’m not sure how I can make this recipe without them. I hope I can cook and share Japanese food that your mom cooks for you. Thanks so much for the recipe! Very much helpful. It turned out beautifully and is so fast and easy to prepare. Yes you can, but it’ll take a little more time to cook/steam than water bath method. When you put food in a steamer, it means that the water underneath the rack (or bamboo steamer) should be boiling rapidly over high heat. Hi Ruth! Yay! But I don’t know what the original texture should be. . I haven’t tried it yet though. So happy to hear your steamed cake turned out well. Can we use those kind for cooking? . Do will I need tweak the recipe accordingly? Thank you for your kind feedback. Set aside. Might need adjustment with amount. If you try, please let us know how it is! How do you make the sweet potato one?sweet potatoes are my favorite!! I did enjoy them, Nami! Ingredients . . It doesn’t have to be glass, as long as it’s oven/micorwave-safe dishes. I’m so glad to hear yours came out well! Great warm or cold. Steamed Chocolate Brownie Cupcake chocolate. Yes you can use a steamer, but it takes a longer time to cook than this method, but it works just fine. I’m sorry but I had never tried this recipe without eggs… . Thank you so much for trying this recipe. For the cupcake batter, the Oreo can be crushed by hand in a ziplock bag and a rolling pin, or in a food processor. Hi Nami! Thanks for the great recipe! Not sure how you steam it, but maybe steam for less time? You’re right. I have to punch them up on an internet search. Test with skewer to check when the cake is done. Thanks for giving it a try (and I apologize for my late response to your original question). Just a small handful to start. Great to hear that you didn’t need liners and still turned out great. Really so easy to do and I like that the quantities are small. Thanks in advance. Hi… my kids love the sweet potato steamed cake that I sometimes purchased from Japanese bakery. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Now I can get all my favourite Japanese home cooking without bugging my mother! And the cupcake liner..what is the diameter of it? I gotta try carrot flavor, which I never did it before! Maybe more gentle than my approach. Thank you for letting me know! I feel like it’s over-cooked or moisture is evaporated. Hope this helps! I need more information so I could guess. Give it a try? Konnnichiwa Cerena! , Hi Nami, it’s Motik from Indonesia. The steam cake puffed up when it was steaming in the pot. . Chocolate cupcake is definitely a go to pastry when it comes to celebrations especially kids party, or even if you're looking for a simple snack. !my hubby like it..thanks for all of ur idea..i really like the easy way you present you receipes..gonna try one by one..good luck,Arigato..!!

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