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Your starting area is blocked by two mists, one on the west, one on the east. Meet Moskoni and agree to meet King Irovetti at Pitax. You will appear at Verdant Chamber after left the Abandoned Keep. This is a scripted encounter, if you successfully passes skill checks you may scare off one or two trolls, otherwise you need to fight 3 trolls and a kobold shaman. This location can be discovered from Dalton, a merchant whom you encountered shortly after dealing with the "Troll Invasion" event. After the fight, you need to wait a month or so for Linzi's report. A nixie named Lykka can be found at the edge of the village, she asks you to wipe out the bandits in a cave. (+10 bonus to Speed and a +4 bonus to Natural Armor). Keep exploring, you will find the Goblin Shaman and Goblin King at the south-west area of this fort. The Troll Clearing area is quite close to the Swamp Witch’s Hut, and if you can discover it, it’s worth a quick stop. If you pick the aforementioned option at any point, even after starting to wait to ambush the Trolls, you’ll gain this reward. Chose a side and win the fight. Keep going until you find two rooms of statues, you need to trigger the statues in correct order to unveil a hidden passage. You can learn some information from him, but no matter what you chose, eventually you need to fight. 09/10/2018. You will also trigger a book event ( Trial by Pain ). Now it's time to explore the rest part of this tomb. Pathfinder is a tabletop RPG based off of the 3.5 Ruleset of Dungeons and Dragons. (you can chose not to tell it any names). There's some strange mist in Other World, once you touch them, you will be teleported to another area. If you passed [Knowledge (World) 30]  check you can understand what's going on here. three times you’ll get a shot at a [Lore (Nature) 20] check. When they're disarmed, loot some containers to the northwest, then press a button to open the door to the northeast. Explore the area, but be careful of the giant flowers, all of them have traps so proceed with caution. Once you defeat the kobold chief, you can choose to kill him or spare his life. Tips: Be very careful when you visit areas need to pass mobility or athletic checks, there usually are strong monsters wandering. (If you have Tristian in your team, he will leave your team when you fight Vordakai, make it much more difficult. Defeat all the beasts in the area to cleanse the pool, (it now apply healing effects) then talk to Tristian again. (if you are stopped by an Old Barbarian, just tell him you are from six bears and leave). (you will have to leave another companion here to interact with the light blue panel). Outside the fort there's a lot of zombies wandering, after defeating them you will meet Kressle if you let her live earilier, who decides to rebel against stag lord. Theire leader, Agai, can be found at the second floor of the building. Along the western edge of the shrine is a fence, which you can acquire a Taldan Warrior's Dog Tag. There's another Goblin Horseslayer tries to taunt you, don't just rush to him cuz there's always traps in front of him. Some AoE spells can easily wipe out these foes. (it's not actually a fight, but a book event, to ensure victory you need to have high stealth and mobility skills). Pass an [Athletics 29] check to continue deeper into the dungeon. Hargulka, the king of the trolls is waiting for you inside the ruins. The other door leads you to the a rune that can open the sealed door in the bandits chamber, but be careful, you need to fight way through Ferocious Skeleton Champion, other undeads and traps. You will learn that the boy is possessed by an evil spirit. (However, you can also give the whip to Octavia). If you complete both quests from Old Beldame, you can learn more about herself. Black Cog-Wheel Ring is in the chest at watch tower, Golden Cog-Wheel Ring is on Rook, who's stranded atop the boulder, at southeast of the map. You can convince some of them to side with you after telling them about Irovetti's wrongdoings. An Ancient Rostlandic Coin can be found near the Tavern, near Maegar Varnhold there's an Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered Leather. Another one is an Enraged Greater Owlbear at the northwest corner. The mob will use some of your former decisions against you, such as control the information about the disease, let the remaining Goblins to live, etc. Eliminate the bandits and you can get Bastard Sword +1, and Light Shield +2, Berta's Shortbow +1 and Shortie's Shortsword +1 and Masterwork Shortsword, among other weapons and trinkets. She gains an additional hex at 2nd level and for every 2 levels attained after 2nd level, as noted on Table: Witch. However, before you leave. Nok-Nok's quest Nok-Nok and the Trouble with Goblins requires you travel to Oleg's Trading Post, there you will find a group of drunken goblins and a Giant. Queen Bdaah tells you that Tartuccio was seen entering the sacred hall under the Old Sycamore. (For the Stag Lord option, you'll need to pass a [Diplomacy 21] check, and for the sparring match you'll need to succeed at an [Athletics 20] check. One of the servants transformed into an owlbear, after it killed. Defeat them and further explore this level. (the first question you can let Jubilost answer for you, the other answer is a secret, the past. You can also chose to work with them if you are Neutral Evil and succeed at diplomacy check. Evil response pleases Jaethal, but Linzi will join Tartuccio temporarily) Jamandi Aldori decides to let you and Tartuccio each lead a separate team, and take different routes to the stolen land. Walkthrough in Pathfinder: Kingmaker is covered on this page. Defeat the monsters and goblins to free Nok Nok to complete the quest Mother of Monsters. To escape, you need to path Lore (nature), Mobility or Stealth (35) checks. Back to the starting location, this time head north. You will meet some Skeletal Champions and clerics, and the exit to lower level. Outside this outpost, to the southwest, there's a group of worgs. There's a druid in the area, defeat him and you will find a secret letter. Now return to Everbloom Flower's location, save your game, and destroy the follower. If you pick the [Neutral] option you'll just watch as both sides butcher each other, or you can solve the problem with force, or through diplomatic means. Jaethal can be found in a hallway at east, she's an inquisitor and a potential party member. Head down south from the secret door, you will meet more Redcaps. At the northeast region of the area, there's plenty of Mudleaf plants. Head to Pitax River Bend, you will trigger an book event when approaching to the pirate camp. Once you defeat both enemies at Other World and your world, your team will re-group. After you speak with Maegar Varhold, it is time to leave Varnhold. Talk to him to start the first contest. Afterward, you can loot the area. ). This fight is unavoidable so buff your characters beforehand and summon some minions. (quest The Lost Brother). Number of Fragments locations – 5 (once you have all the fragment return to storyteller for reward) Pathfinder is a tabletop RPG based off of the 3.5 Ruleset of Dungeons and Dragons. Interactive map of Golarion Add a photo to this gallery (If you did not complete the quest Hour of Rage, you will also meet the Guardian of Bloom here, you can ask her more about her intention, but also make the battle more difficult. Apparently, you were set up. He will give you the quest Second Breath. The last item may be of interest to an antiquarian and Trollreaper is just a fantastic weapon for the coming quests. Leave the building, you will meet some assassins in the garden and a potential companion, Harrim, who is a cleric. Defeat Roc, you can get a egg for quest Roc's Egg. Cancel. Trail in the Hills has some enemies and some valuable loots, you may want to visit the place before you head to Old Sycamore. (if you can't find the hidden door, send one companion through the tunnel to the end and turn left, there's brazier, activate it to open the door. This starts the quest Mother of Monsters. Tartuccio and his team are inside the tomb, before you fight them, you can use persuasion skills to turn one of this companions (Valerie or Jaethal) against him. The Goblin Alchemist will drop a Rings of Protection +1, near the prisoners' cage, there's crate with a Masterwork Bowgun and a Melted Shard of a Ring. Either throw a stone at it or talk with it to learn more info. You can try to keep the details of this plague quiet, or let your people know it. Open the west door and there is a bound Astradaemon. When you are ready, talk to Amiri and she will appear inside the tiger lord camp. The next day, you will find some bird bones on that stone. Be careful of the Tendriculos when you collect the mushrooms. Kargadd, the arch-enemy of Ekundayo, is at the first chamber on the southwestern side of the level. Important NPCs. There are some GP and gems in the chamber behind this secret door. There you will find a pack of Ferocious Wolves; be careful once you fight them, more wolves will join the fight. There's not much to do Varnhold right now, but you can collect some valuables in this area. If succeed you will catch a boar and earn some XP. I'm too tired to sing. Against his will, he was forced by the goddess of death, Pharasma, to serve as her agent on Golarion, taking direct orders from the psychopomp usher Ceyanan. A Flower In The Swamp is a Quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. He will then give you a quest to retrieve his whip (Nature of the Beast), which can be found in the lower level of dwarven ruins. Oleg at the trading post will give you another quest Tuskgutter. How you place the buildings will make a great difference. To get in, follow the instruction below: There's lots of perception checks and knowledge checks, succeed them and you will get some extra XP. There's two main quest Betrayer's Flight and Hour of Rage require your attention. Fail to pass checks and one of your companion will die! When the battle begins, focus on Horagnamon first. When you're done with this area, make your way back to the Rushlight Fields area and from there follow the directions to another of Irovetti's staging grounds. But first, you need to defeat some bandits and save Oleg Leveton. Cuz this bird can heal its master and has far less hp and armor. If you ignore a project for too long, they become unavailable. ) Swamp Witch’s Hut: Gnarled Branches, Swamp Bouquet quests, Chainshirt +1, Swordsman’s Passion, Ring of Protection +1, Ring of Protection +1, Phylactery of Positive Channeling, Wand of Burning Arc, Cloak of Resistance +2 You need to collect kingdom resources, build your capital and deal with all sorts of affairs. Linzi and one of the students has a bad history, let her decide what to with him, then the quest is complete. You can destroy the follower and take the Root of the Everbloom Flower as a souvenir. Three specters wait in the first chamber of the second level, defeat them and you can find a locked door to the northwest . Interact with the panel to open the yellow doors, and explore the new area. After a book event, you will find what happened to Tomin -- the perished advanturer. When approach Varnhold, you will be stopped by some guards (book event), agree to travel with them and you will be taken to Varhold. Kill Tartuccio, and report to Queen Bdaah. If you pick strength, you need to pass [Intimidate] or [Stealth] check to avoid taking significant damage. Venture off the road to the west of the bandit ambush to find some ruins. Loot the barbarian camp and leave, there's lots of bandits, worgs and zombie Cyclops in the field, sometimes they even fight each other so it's wise to divide and conquer. I'll listen. Be careful Hydra can regenerate health so focus your fire. Dont just rush in, there's Crag Linnorm inside, the largest and most dangerous enemy you have encountered so far. Follow the directions below to reach Valley of the Dead from Kellid Barbarian Camp: Before you reached the Valley of the Dead, you will be stopped by the crow again. After you decided what to do with Agai, search the area for the letters, then leave the building. you can then decide to let him live or kill him. You can have a rest here if you talked to its owner, an elderly dwarf named Dumra. (Keep in mind that you have to finish ACT I in three months, that means you need to carefully plan your route and don't spend too much time resting. If you loot the statue for some gems, an Astradaemon and some soul-eaters will appear and attack you. When you reach here, you will meet Amiri and a Barbarian named Gwart. This area is full of poisoned fog, your characters need to pass a [Fortitude 17] check every round, if they fail they will become nauseated. Venture southwest, inside the buildings you will encounter some Redcaps, be careful they have the ability of invisibility so dont let them ambush your caster/healer. And if you refuse to help, the dey will try to charm you and force you to fight the scythe tree. In the storage room you can find the whip for quest Nature of the Beast. You will find the ghost of  Willas Gunderson in a large chamber at northwest, after defeating him, you can ask him about the fate of Varnhold and its citizens. After defeating them, you can find the stag lord's father at the prison. If you fail, you need to fight the defaced sister alone. Go to Pitax, enter the location and speak with some people before heading to Irovetti in the upper right corner. Linzi is one of your companions in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, she is a bard, consider develop her into a supportive character. She will also gives you the quest Mushrooms from the Mud Bowl. Continue your search to the northwest, you will find a tunnel with lightning traps, if your characters have high perception, they can notice there's a hidden door on the other side of the tunnel, open it and head northwest. These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. Return to your capital, there's a random encounter that allows you to get back your throne. Each contest will be resolved in book events, associated with some skill check, so it should not bring any difficulties. When you arrive, a friendly troll named Jason will approach you. Next, make your way north until you hit a river, then follow the river east until you find a thoroughly ruined wall. Before you leave the area, a crow will stop you. The southern one leads to more traps, undeads, and some treasure. If you cant, you can ask Linzi or Jubilost. There is a Melted Shard of a Ring hidden in some bushes along the cliff on north bank, another Melted Shard of a Ring can be found east to some wolves, hidden in rocks. Activate the brazier, it will lower the wall on the east end. (If you arrived the temple of elk after you deal with Tartuccio, Tristian won't be able to join your team right now, but he can be found later at Oleg's Trading Post). Find Tristian at the capital square, and talk to the girl next to him. Succeed at a [Perception 7] check to find a stone you can search where you will find a Shard of Knight's Bracers. ), This location is a random encounter between Valley of the Dead and the Vordakai's Tomb.

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