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Shipping to Continental US only for all items.All sales are final. Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee is the perfect fusion of original Jägermeister and intense cold brew coffee. An uncompromising belief in the extraordinary has always been the belief of Jägermeister since 1878. Close. Our original herbal liqueur crafted from 56 hand-selected botanicals in a single serve shot. It is this combination of time and herbal liqueur expertise that makes Manifest a unique, premium product. Jägermeister is best served ice-cold. Based on our original recipe, we’ve crafted a truly special flavour that put Jägermeister again in a class of its own: We call it Jägermeister Manifest. -18 °C to be precise. At Drinks&Co, at the best price, in a 100% secure and easy process. Jägermeister Manifest is a premium herbal liqueur and line extension in the Jägermeister family. It was Curt who took the family vinegar business in a different direction and created Jägermeister which was first introduced in 1935. 4.9 out of 5 stars 46. A taste of the unexpected, where rich Arabica coffee and notes of cacao blend seamlessly with our 56 botanicals. Jägermeister. Bold Liquids. Do not forward any content to those under 21. Jägermeister Manifest is distinct in taste, character, and processes but is closely tied to original Jägermeister as it shares the same base. Or get it delivered with If you want to buy Jägermeister Manifest 1L, at Drinks&Co you will find the best prices for Liquors & creams Mast Jägermeister. The hunt for unique flavours takes time and patience, but most of all it takes the skill and creativity to rewrite the rules. Jagermeister Manifest, Herbal Liqueur 1L. Dismiss notification. The hunt for unique flavours takes time and patience, but most … Manifest is the first premium line extension in the history of Mast- Jägermeister US. If you want to buy Jägermeister Manifest 1L, at Drinks&Co you will find the best prices for Liquors & creams Mast Jägermeister. Dreams do come true. ... 6 x original Jägermeister 0,04l satined glass. Introducing the NEW Jägermeister Cooler. FIND NOW. Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available. Bold, yet balanced, our herbal Liqueur is no different. In Manifest, the four original macerates that make up Jägermeister are joined by a new and 5th macerate that is 2.5 times the herbal load and is extracted using a new spirit of Northern German wheat that has been refined in lightly charred German and American oak barrels for more than a year. and five macerations rather than four. A litre bottle of Jägermeister Manifest, made with 56 botanicals and matured in small oak barrels. It's still great as a shot or in cocktails, though! The result is a distinguished liquor with a full-bodied mix of flavor. The nose is a root beer bomb, heavy on the cinnamon. Hard Plastic; Size: 22.8346”L x 15.4331” W x 19.6457” H Built-in bottle tap for shot dispensing (fits 1L & 750mL Jägermeister bottles) Jägermeister product not included For the first time in their more than 80-year history, Jägermeister is releasing a liqueur that looks to shake up its previous reputation as a bombing college-aged shot. Meanwhile, Jägermeister just released an oak-aged, top-shelf version called Manifest. A true character: Jägermeister SCHARF. Now you can let the frost spread far beyond the bar with Jägermeister COOLPACK. Blending 56 botanicals, our ice-cold shot has always been embraced by those who take originality to the next level. Featuring a distinct taste, character and production process, it is truly unique. Jägermeister Manifest Bottling Note A variation on the classic Jägermeister recipe, featuring additional botanicals (the recipe already featured 56 herbs, spices and roots!) Jägermeister Manifest is based on the original secret recipe, but adds additional botanicals to the roots, herbs, and spices that make Jägermeister so distinctive and tasty. We had the opportunity to sample the new Jagermeister expression to see if it’s worth triple the price of a bottle of the regular stuff. Home > Shop > Liqueur > Liquor > Jägermeister Manifest 1L. Rich oak, sweet aniseed … Your cooler now pours shots. Search by ZIP code to find a list of the closest bars, restaurants, and stores. It’s an attitude that manifests itself in our latest creation. Note the absence of a condition statement does not imply that this lot is in perfect condition or free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of ageing. Enter your email address to join the waitlist for this product. Jägermeister.

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