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(Make sure the chamber reaches the bottom, creating a seal between the inner chamber and outer chamber) Note: Feel around the base of the chamber to see if the inner chamber is properly seated. The Ice Genie is a time saver when it comes to presenting cold drinks. Do you have a ton of ice trays that fill up your freezer? Using ice cube trays to make ice in the freezer is fine and all, but it’s hardly efficient. The Ice Genie isn't a device that you'll need to throw away and replace after a few uses. Do not buy Ice Genie online before searching Amazon.- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices. That way you'll have at least 5 times more ice in Decent size chunks. In some freezers, this might take a day. The double chamber can hold up to 120 ice cubes and each use makes 40 cubes at a time!The outer chamber freezes the ice cubes and the inner cylinder stores them. The plastic Center is impossible to get out once Frozen, it makes about a cup of ice at a time, you have to pour the Iced Out into something to refill then pour the ice back into your container, and it basically takes up as much room as three ice trays. I was excited when I opened it. It also has a tight seal lid to keep your ice cubes fresh and free from anyodors! My husband is looking to return it. Ha! How to Use Ice Genie Promo Codes? THEN you can pour the ice into the center to use. To do so, simply slide a bottle of your chosen beverage into the inner chamber, while it's resting in the outer chamber. Thanks. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I wonder if Hallmark knows how bad the products are that are advertised on their movies/programs? It'll certainly come in handy when you're at the park or beach on a hot day and want to make your juice, water or soda extra-chilly. Place in Freezer (with Lid)Next, put the spill-proof lid on your cube holder and place it in the freezer. Material : silicone and polypropylene color : Blue weight : 280g package : 1 x Ice Cube Maker Tip : before use, wash with water and then disinfect it in hot water. Save your money and buy a few more ice trays. Period. Space Saving Ice Genie is a manual ice maker that'll save you space in your freezer by replacing up to 10 traditional ice cube trays. In the time it took me to get just a few tiny ice cubes out of it, I could have gone down to the store and bought a bag, come back, made my drink and been relaxing. This is why Ice Genie™ has an airtight lid that keeps the ice fresh and odor-free. If there are any issues with this, the user can contact the company and their information is located on their main website. Ice Genie™ Ice Cube Maker Ice Genie™ Ice Cube Maker Ice Genie™ Ice Cube Maker Ice Genie™ Ice Cube Maker. Fill With WaterTo get started with your Ice Genie, you'll need to fill the entire thing with water. It is also equivalent to 10 ice cube trays. the Genie so far is makes 24 ice balls and you can store another 24 balls in the blue bin but on the box it says it makes 72 balls. View Helpful Hints Here! Making ice is fast and simple to do at home. It's best if you sit it somewhere flat so it won't fall over, although its lid will save it from spilling if it does. My brand new Ice Genie goes to the trash tonight. There is no need to fill up ice cube trays with water and balancee the water to remain. The ice genie seemed like a perfect fit for my needs. Saw the commercial and wanted to order it. Don’t waste your money. It's best if you sit it somewhere flat so it won't fall over, although its lid will save it from spilling if it does. The bestpart? One of them has a hole in the bottom so water drips out so it is basically useless item. This product can also save the user money because of its dual uses. Fortunately, that won't happen when you use the Ice Genie, as you'll be able to plop on its spill-proof lid, which will allow it to fight unpleasant odors. Ice Genie Instructions . Next, put the spill-proof lid on your cube holder and place it in the freezer. 9 of 10 people found this review helpful. It'll hold up to 120 cubes at once—enough for a group of friends or family members. You can change your mind at any time and disable notifications. I ordered this product on 3 - 31 - 2018, Still have not received anything from this company! Fill water into the channel … Ice Genie™ Cube Maker is the perfect solution for saving space! The lid does not go on properly for one. May 3, 2018. There is no need to waste time and put ice cubes into a bowl in order to keep drinks cold. If you continue, we'll assume you are OK with this; otherwise see our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy to Opt-Out. The Ice Genie is advertised as a space-saving way to make and store ice, but it may be too good to be true. Ber so you get one huge ice cube. I mean, a single tray takes up a huge amount of freezer surface while making a mere dozen cubes that you can probably go through in just a few drinks. When you're not using it to store ice in your freezer, you can also use it to keep bottled drinks cold, and you may even want to fill it with ice cream. Thank goodness for the negative comments that saved me from buying this. Glad I did. Hard on hands and ice cubes very tiny and freeze together in the chamber. Once you've placed your Ice Genie in the freezer, leave it there for at least a few hours to allow the ice within to freeze. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: The ice cubes are like pea sized. Very disappointed, threw it in the trash. And the cubes become blocks of ice! Introducing a space saving ice cube maker known as ‘ice genie’ which holds up to 120 ice cubes. While this cube holder is large enough to hold up to 120 ice cubes, it's small enough to fit in a cooler if you want to take it on an outdoor excursion. Awful product. Have a look at Ice Genie Promo Codes & page, and choose the coupons related to your shopping site. • Only use Ice Genie™ Ice Cube Maker as described in this manual • Always store in a clean and dry place when not in use • Ice Genie™ Ice Cube Maker is top rack dishwasher safe. The concept is great, but it does NOT work. Do you never have enough ice and need a ton of ice trays in your freezer? USING THE ICE GENIE. Figured I’d check reviews and am glad I did. It magically Separated me from $20.00 at Wally World. Instead, you'll be able to refill it with water and put it back in the freezer to make new ice as many times as you'd like. Make sure that the HydroGenie unit is a on a firm surface during use, such as a table, counter or floor. Ripped off! I am addicted to As Seen on TV products. The best part is, this ice cube maker can double as a bottle holder that will chill your drink to a perfect temperature. Traditional ice cube trays only hold 12 cubes so, in order to get a large number of ice cubes, multiple trays need to be purchased, which takes up space in the freezer. Please only use with 120v (or 220v for international) household power sockets. Once you've removed your Ice Genie from your freezer, you'll have to break up the ice within it into small pieces yourself, which will require you to hold onto the cold outer chamber. It's dishwasher safe, but it's fine to just rinse it off after each use if it's not filthy. While doing so, you can fill it up to the top, but avoid filling it so full that water might dribble over the sides. It is the absolute worst $15 I EVER spent in my life. MULTI-USE: The ice cube silicone cylinder can be used as a champagne chiller bucket or pebble ice tray. Secondly, that middle piece. How to use Ice Genie? First go round ice froze perfectly BUT tasted like the plastic smelled even though I had washed it. 1. It consists of a solid inner chamber and an outer chamber that's made of flexible blue silicone. Another difference is that this product has multi-uses. Please click 'Allow' then 'Allow' to receive notifications of new As Seen on TV items, Review Videos, and contest giveaways. For another batch of ice cubes, just repeat the process. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Ice Genie at the discounted price of only $4.99 for a total price of $24.97. WOW! and its advertisers store your user information on their servers and/or your device for statistical, marketing, and user experience purposes. The Ice Genie makes 120 cubes of ice which is the amount of 10 traditional ice cube trays. Wait a Few Hours : Once you've placed your Ice Genie in the freezer, Leave it there for at least a few hour to allow the ice within to freeze. Upon opening the box I realized that the inside cylinder did not have a bottom, and no matter how I placed it, or how little water I used, the waiter always sank to the bottom and froze there, making the inside cylinder impossible to remove even after smashing all the ice at the bottom. Step 1 Insert the inner chamber into the Chamber. WON'T be ordering now. Hot or warm substances may damage the inner and/or even the outer chamber, and thereby interfere with the device's ability to freeze or chill things. The liner doesn't easily come out. No more bulky ice cube trays taking up the freezer when a lot of ice cubes are needed. Ice Genie™ Ice Cube Maker. Choose Ice Genie from popular retailers, and add your needed quantites and color to shopping basket. You'll also use the textured inside of your outer chamber to help you squish and break up your cubes after they're done freezing. It’s designed to make lots of ice in a small space. Need some extra help removing the inner cylinder of your Ice Genie? Hopefully, you've read the reviews here and are properly warned. Step 1: Insert the Inner Chamber into the bottom of. Using The Ice Genie Ice Cube Maker! Let Ice Genie work its magic for a few hours, then take off the lid and squeeze the ice cubes out. No ordinary ice … It does not work & is not worth the shipping charges to return. Plus, you can use it to quickly chill your beverages. It boasts holding 120 cubes of ice. With the assistance of this Ice Genie’s gadget, you can use so little space in contrast with as it was done in the good ‘old days of utilizing plate to freeze your ice cubes independently. First batch was one big glob. Put the cylinder into the chamber and make sure it touches the bottom to create a seal between the chamber and cylinder. Done and ready to use! It'll hold up to 120 cubes at once, enough for a group of friends or family members.. Some users have found that the shipping times vary and could possibly take approximately a month to receive the product. No instructions complete con you can’t fill the inner lining without leakage into middle. Using Ice Genie is extremely easy if you follow the following steps: 1. Thanks to everyone who wrote a review. Save your money. This also can save time for cleaning up because there isn't a bowl of leaking water to clean up afterward the drinks are gone. COMPONENTS. This may be true as the cubes are the size of a thimble. This thing is going in the trash if I can not get my money back. By the time I got it out (took about 10 minutes) the ice that was in there was half melted and my hands hurt badly. Should the user not be satisfied, they can contact the company and request to have their money refunded, the user would need to pay for the shipping and handling costs of returning the product. First, item is so small the only way a bottle fits in it is if it is a child's bottle. The company guarantees a quality product and so if the Ice Genie does not completely satisfy the customer, the company is offering a 30-day money back guarantee. While doing so, you can fill it up to the top, but avoid filling it so full that water might dribble over the sides. With this product, you can fill up the container with no potential for spilling. This is a genie alright. Having Trouble? If you really want to make ice using this piece of crap, toss the inner liner (at won't seal at the bott) in the trash, fill the whole thing with water, wait a day or three, then take a ballpeen hammer and do what you gotta do. FRESH ICE CUBES Your Ice Genie might look like a convenient container to carry hot or warm foods in when it's not being used, but you must refrain from putting anything in there that's not lukewarm or cold. The Hype. I would not recommend this for anyone to buy. I regret buying this, it’s so small, the ice cubes are like a grape size, to fill it up takes years and the silicone tray won’t stay inside. With each set of two ice cube holders, you'll receive a set of anti-slip tongs, which you can use to pick up single pieces of ice in order to avoid touching them with your fingers. Too hard to break inter ice. You can also use it to hold an ice cream pint to prevent it from turning into a melted mess too quickly. The double chamber can hold up to 1... Do you have a ton of ice trays that fill up your freezer? FILL AND CHILL simply fill the outer chamber with water, lift up the inner cylinder and squeeze out the cubes into the bucket. ; Outer chamber freezes the ice cubes. The Ice Genie is different from other ice making products on the market in that it is very easy to use. Once your bottle's in there, the ice cube holder will keep it cold for up to a few hours. Ice Genie is a manual ice maker that'll save you space in your freezer by replacing up to 10 traditional ice cube trays. Ice Genie can hold up to three batches of ice cubes. This was the worst purchase I have ever made. No, take that back, I did get an e-mail on 4-25-18 referring to delivery after 5-22-18. Impossible to use as an One drink ice bucket. The double chamber can hold up to 120 ice cubes—10 times the amount of a standard ice tray! Trash. It is both an ice maker and a tool which can chill drinks and wine at the same time. It's much easier to use an ice tray than it is to use this thing. I ordered 4 of them and they were delivered yesterday. With the Ice Genie, the cylinder fits on any shelf very easy. Still waiting. 1-No tongs. Refill it for a second batch! Ice Genie Brings A More Space-Efficient Way Of Making Ice Cubes. I wish they would send me a postage sticker so I can send them back. If the consumer purchases two products they are eligible for a savings of nearly the price of one. Some have been wonderful and some have not really lived up to what they claim, but this thing. The drinks can be inserted directly into the Ice Genie straight out of the freezer. The cost of Ice Genie is $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping. It’s top rack dishwasher-safe making it easy to clean!For helpful tips and tricks please visit:© 2018 APG 2. Junk Junk Junk. Don't buy it just doesn't work the they say it will. This product is made and shipped from China. If you leave a standard ice cube tray or container on a counter, a table or the ground for a half hour or more, the ice cubes within may start to smell. There is actually a special offer currently being held right now where you can actually get a second Ice Genie for free as long as you pay the $4.99 shipping charge, bringing your total cost to … 2-Went to refill and the center kept floating up and all the water went under the holding cup. Horrible product. Second batch center insert broke. For the love of Pete! Bought two, did not receive the tongs. Not even close to picture. The only thing that would make it less effective would be a hole in its outer chamber, but if you're careful with the device, it probably won't end up with one. Ice from Ice Genie is very small compared to regular ice trays. Inner cylinder stores them. Total Junk Do not buy. Y’all saved me money and aggravation. Ice Genie™ Cube Maker is the perfect solution forsaving space! I filled one of them with water, but when the water froze, I could not get the inner liner out to remove the ice cubes. Not sure were they get 72 balls when it only can make 24 at A time and hold 24 at a time. Following that, you'll have to dump the ice that's in the inner chamber into the outer chamber, and gently squish the flexible silicone of the outer chamber to break your ice up into small pieces. I was about to order the Ice Genie, read the reviews first. Use only distilled water. The user can save money by purchasing this product instead of purchasing ice cubes at the store. The Hype of Ice Genie is you are fit for freezing such a significant number of ice cubes one after another. Once it's broken up into pieces you find small enough, it'll be ready to use. Inner Chamber. The outer chamber freezes the ice cubes, while the inner chamber holds them until you’re ready to use them.” You can make more ice in the meantime. Reviews, Comments & Questions Help EveryoneYour Opinion Counts! Currently, the company has a promotional value to save the consumer money. The Ice Genie can hold up to 3 batches of ice cubes, equivalent to 120 cubes in total! You have to run hot water over it to Separate the parts, Along with other difficulties with this. Ice Genie: The Space-Saving Way to Make Ice in Your Freezer. When you try to return it, it cost almost as much for shipping back. After your ice cubes are frozen, you can take your entire cube holder out of the freezer and separate the inner chamber from the outer chamber. Thought, Eh, no problem. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ice Genie New & Improved- The Original Ice Cube Maker, Holds up to 72 Cubes, Now Larger Cubes, Silicone Bucket With Lid, Use Indoors/Outdoors, Bottled Beverage Cooler, Dishwasher Safe & BPA-FREE at I could probably seal it with something but probably not worth the time as on the other one, the inner liner which is almost impossible to get out when frozen, floats when you put the water in it; the lid does not do much of anything to keep it down unless maybe if you taped it down. I still haven't been able to get 3 of the 4 I purchased out. Sherman put it to the test for Does It Work Wednesday. Features: Holds up to 120 ice cubes with the unique double chamber design. But instead I am stuck with them. You will be happier and richer. The airtight inner chamber is the one that'll hold onto your ice cubes, while the outer chamber freezes them to your satisfaction. No instructions. Nice size ice cubes for putting inside water bottles or using in ice packs for injury. Watch our how to video! Do not waste your time and money on this stupid device. Save your money and just fill a plastic butter tub that's empty. Each Ice Genie consists of a solid inner chamber and an outer chamber that's made of flexible blue silicone. Dont waste your money or excitement. Total Junk, waste of money it doesn't seal at the bottom and leaks all the water to middle cha. The price of the Ice Genie is actually quite affordable at a cost of $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping. Sort Reviews: Newest | Helpful | Highest | Lowest. There is no need to fumble with ice packs in order to chill drinks outside any longer with the Ice Genie. This piece of crap is too much work. RELATED: Does It Work: Tac Zoom High Performance Zoom Lens. I have seen reviews from people who bought directly from the Original Ice Genie and wondering if he ordered from a knock off web site. I have taken pics of them. This product is not at all what is advertised. This is literally the stupidest thing I've ever bought. The key to making ice is to fill an inch of water in the outer blue bucket then sit the white cylinder inside and let the water push its way up (some water may spill out) this will cover the ice cubes. The ice it makes won't fill an average drinking glass, are extremely difficult to remove, the Ice balls are minuscule! To get started with your Ice Genie, you'll need to fill the entire thing with water. Better off using normal ice cube trays. In some freezers, this might take a day. Even dry, and room temperature, the liner is still firmly set into the silicone. It'll hold up to 120 cubes at once, enough for a group of friends or family members. It's not absolutely necessary that you use the lid each time, but doing so will definitely help you avoid a mess. It can be used outside of the freezer as a drink chiller to keep drinks like wine cold when serving. This ice cube holder comes in an attractive shade of bright blue, so you'll be able to see yours clearly and grab it when needed, even if you've got a crowded freezer. Place the lid on top and put the bucket in the freezer. Works perfect the first time! All you need to do is to fill the double chamber design with water and place it in the freezer. The announcer continues: “Then just fill and freeze again. I made the first batch of ice and it came out pretty well, but you have to pour the ice into another container to refill the ice maker with water for another batch of ice. You get “junk” ice pieces from the little connecting tubes, the whole bottom creates one big piece and very sharp thin shards are created from the flat square sections between the bubbles. The New Ice Genie it looks good and it makes ICE in about 4 to 6 hours. Go back to shopping cart interface and insert your shipping addess and billing info. Use extension hoses to reach the user when they cannot sit at a table or counter near the HydroGenie. No, scratch that idea, just throw the whole thing in the garbage and buy some good ole ice cube trays. It’s made with safe, BPA-free materials! Maybe there are more underhanded ways to Separate a twenty dollar bill from your wallet or purse but I've not encountered them during my lifetime on planet Earth. Waste of time and money. After you've recently taken your Ice Genie out of your freezer and emptied out the ice, you can use it as a drink holder. Space Saving Ice Cube Maker. Possibly NOT the “Original Ice Genie?”. 2. I saw the commercial for the Ice Genie, and as I do use lots of ice thought I would benefit from it! The ice is so small it melts in seconds. By the time you remove the inner sleeve and the then squeeze the genie to remove the ice, you could have twisted 3 ice trays and had gotten much ice then you do from this thing. The only way I could get it to look like the advertised pics is to have my 3 year old hold it. Save yor money. Cannot recommend this item. It's as simple as that. I love small ice so my husband ordered this for my birthday. I wont be ordering this one. TV Stuff Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Space Saving Ice Genie is a cool ice maker that'll save you space in your freezer by replacing up to 10 traditional ice cube trays. 3- they do not freeze in perfect little circles. - - - - Not Required For Comments & Questions, Tap Here to find Different Reviews on AMAZON. The large inner cup can hold 1 Quart of packed ice cream. Step 1. UNIQUE-SIZE CHIPS: This bucket ice tray makes ice cubes with perfect ice size for using in a blender. ICE GENIE™ 2.0 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS The user should be aware that shipping times to and from different countries may take longer than expected. The Ice Genie is perfect for you! I got these and they are a big JOKE. It's safe to just rinse this ice cube holder if it's not too dirty, but if you think it needs a more thorough cleaning, you can safely put both chambers in the dishwasher. Just lift the cylinder andsqueeze to break and release ice! Product much cheaper in stores than online and you can return it when you find how bad it is. The ice genie is a complete joke, DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP! While this may not be as difficult as twisting and turning ice cube trays in order to pop out individual cubes, it'll take a few minutes of time and may be hard on your hands. There is also no need to balance the ice cube trays on top of each other in order to fit them in the freezer. You'll be able to obtain two Ice Genies at once, so if you have two freezers, you'll be able to put one in each or save your second one for the cottage or work.

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