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Arab Mountain. Deposit solid human waste in catholes dug 6 to 8 inches deep, at least 200 feet from water, camp and trails. … Avoid cotton--it traps water against your skin and is slow to dry. The Catskill Center's Catskill Fire Tower Project manages five fire towers throughout the Catskill Park for public access and interpretation. This trail follows a wide dirt road which provides access to the fire tower at the top of the mountain. (If you choose to skip this viewpoint, the Hunter Mountain Trail continues straight ahead from the end of the Spruceton Trail.). If you have a mobile device, download Avenza’s free PDF Maps app and grab some GPS-enhanced Trail Conference maps (a backup Tyvek or paper version of the map is good to have just in case your batteries die or you don't have service). Choose synthetic shirts, sweaters and/or vests and dress in layers for easy on and off. Soon, you will pass a trail register (please sign). It was one of the first fire lookout towers in the Catskills. You can see the ski trails on Hunter Mountain to the north. Likewise, it can be seen from many of the surrounding mountains, the village of Hunter and the upper slopes of the ski area. As the description above makes clear, this hike passes two shelters at which camping is permitted. As part of the renovations, DEC installed a pit privy in the nearby woods. In 0.7 mile, you'll pass a trail register and reach a cable barrier at the end of Spruceton Road. Burn all wood and coals to ash, put out campfires completely, then scatter cool ashes. [8] DEC finally closed the tower in 1989.[1]. Hunter Mountain Fire Tower, NY Hunter Mountain Fire Tower is a Tower in Greene County, New York.It has an elevation of 1,227 meters, or 4,026 feet. Whether you are going for a day hike or backpacking overnight, it is good practice to carry what we call The Hiking Essentials. Focus activity in areas where vegetation is absent. Know the rules and regulations of the area. Fryingpan Mountain Lookout Tower There may also be more essentials, depending on the season and your needs. This tower has the unique distinction of being located at the highest elevation of any fire tower in New York State. Tremper. Let nature's sounds prevail. Due to Hunter's dominance of the northern Catskills, many of the peaks in that region can be seen. Find Hikes and ParksVolunteerMy DashboardNews CenterAbout UsShop, Copyright © 1996-2020 New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, | Privacy Policy | Photo CreditsAbout Us    Contact Us    Donate    Join. "Worth the trek." Walk single file in the middle of the trail, even when wet or muddy. Come to the "real" summit of Hunter mountain (not what the ski lodge personnel thinks is the summit!). No action regarding your reservation is required. The very informative Hunter Mountain Fire Tower Wikipedia page; Hunter Mountain’s Scenic Skyride page (for cheaters) Hunter Mountain’s homepage, in case you just want to go skiing and can’t figure out why you’re on a hiking web site; If you’re looking for peace and quiet, except the opposite, the New … They are Balsam Lake Mountain, Hunter Mountain, Overlook Mountain, Red Hill Mountain, and Tremper Mountain. If you are wearing wet cotton and must return to your starting point, you risk getting chills that may lead to a dangerous hypothermia. The wide dirt road continues ahead, descending to the town of Hunter, but you should turn right and follow the blue blazes, which ascend more steeply on a much rougher road. [5], The FFGC realized that informal observation towers already in existence on some summits were excellent places to station trained observers, who could see vast portions of the range and report the location of new fires quickly via dedicated telephone lines. This is the steepest part of the hike. See 25 photos and 2 tips from 104 visitors to Hunter Mountain Fire Tower. Hunter Mountain at 4040 feet is the second highest mountain in the Catskills. Nearby tentsites are also available. The tower is located near the center of the small clearing left by early 20th-century logging operations. Volunteers from the Catskill Center’s Catskill Fire Tower Project Return to Open Hunter Mountain Fire Tower on Weekends. This is a good place to take a break. These five fire towers are maintained with assistance from a dedicated group of volunteers and … As of April 28, 2020, users have reported that entering the Pack out all trash, leftover food and litter. Light - A flashlight or small, lightweight headlamp will be welcome gear if you find yourself still on the trail when darkness falls. You will pass the attractive Diamond Notch Falls to the left and then parallel the West Kill. Today it remains a popular attraction for hikers climbing the mountain. Good campsites are found, not made. Photo … The ski area's summit station, chairlift and trails are also visible. Do not follow or approach them. Pack out toilet paper and hygiene products. Hot Springs Mountain Tower is the thing to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas! Visit in small groups when possible. The original tower on Hunter Mountain - constructed of logs - was built in 1909, and was the first of three fire towers constructed in the Catskills that year. Scatter strained dishwater. You can see the ski trails on Hunter Mountain to the north. I know that a short distance away, most of the trails surrounding North/South Lake are un-campable because of their location and that NSL Campgrounds are the only place to legally camp in the area. In 1953, it and the cabin were moved one thousand feet (305 m) northwest along the ridge to the mountain's true summit, where it remains today (footings of the original tower are still visible at the trail junction where it stood). It remained open and accessible to the hiking public, however. Along the way it picks up traffic from the ski area, which operates its summit chairlift in the summer months, via the Colonel's Chair Trail. Foursquare uses cookies to provide you with an optimal experience, to personalize ads that you may see, and to help advertisers measure the results of their ad campaigns. In the beginning it will go through a number of switchbacks. When you reach the top, view the hand-hewn Rip Van Winkle statue, or the more adventurous can follow DEC marked hiking trails to the highest fire tower … The wild forest is located in Greene County in the towns of Hunter, Jewett, and Lexington. A firestarter (this could be as simple as leftover birthday candles that are kept inside a waterproof container) and matches (again, make sure to keep them in a waterproof container) could save a life. The Trail Conference is a 2015 Leave No Trace partner. Use a map and compass to eliminate the use of marking paint, rock cairns or flagging. The tower is accessible via the Hunter Mountain Sky Ride during open months or following the blue-blazed Spruceton trail. 5. Food - Snacks/lunch will keep you going as you burn energy walking or climbing. Keep in mind that until you turn around you are (typically) only half-way to completing your hike--you must still get back to where you started from! A short yellow-blazed spur from the steep Becker Hollow Trail comes in from the north as well, but it is infrequently used. From the Catskill Conservation Corps website : “Volunteers work in pairs to meet and greet visitors and answer their questions about the towers, the Catskill Mountains, and related topics. Warren County leaders hope to allow public access to the Swede Mountain fire tower, which is on land that Warren County owns off Route 8 in Hague, just east of the Horicon town line. Wardens were hired to patrol railroad lines, where stray ashes from steam enginesoften ignited surrounding brush, and investigate reports of fires started by logging or quarrying operations on state land (illegal unde… Be careful, as there is a very sharp drop from this ledge! This was the site of a logging camp in the early 1900s, and remnants of machinery from the logging operations are still visible in the area. A short distance beyond, you’ll reach a sign that points to a lean-to. Water - Two quarts per person is recommended in every season. Compass - A simple compass is all you need to orient you and your map to magnetic north. The fire tower is open to the public, and it affords excellent views in all directions. From the east, at Stony Clove Notch, the Devil's Path climbs to the junction with another short trail, the Hunter Mountain Trail, which in turn climbs to the junction with the Spruceton and Becker Hollow trails at the pre-1953 tower site. The Hunter Mountain Fire Tower will still be open to public access on weekends. While the mountain is closely associated with the … Here, the Devil's Path turns left and crosses the West Kill, but you should continue straight ahead, following the blue blazes of the Diamond Notch Trail. Top Searches Lift Tickets Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience. Town of Hunter-Elevation 4,040 feet. Total Mileage: 5.4 Miles Directions 43.611751,-73.493192 Total rise: 1220' Facebook Hike Time: 2h 45 My Pintrest Weather Hikes by region Significance: Fire tower, views East Coast Fire Towers Printable Map The trail from the parking area is an access road for about one mile; a sign then points you to where the trail leaves the … After it fell into disrepair in the 1990s and was recommended for removal by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), which had operated the tower, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997. Avoid places where impacts are just beginning. The picture on the right shows the Hunter Mountain Fire Tower. This loop hike climbs to the second-highest peak in the Catskills, with outstanding views from the fire tower at the summit and from several other viewpoints along the trail. These essentials will help you enjoy your outing more and will provide basic safety gear if needed. It’s also the longest of the five Catskill tower hikes at 7 miles round trip. Other options to get up to the Hunter Mountain Fire Tower include: For a short and steep option, take the 4.7 Mile Beckman Trail. The fire tower is open to the public, and it affords excellent views in all directions. One observer's son recalls that the state built his father a garage to protect his truck from the porcupines. Since the entire Catskill range is below tree-line, 360-degree views are extremely rare. Avoid loud voices and noises. Be prepared for changing weather. South of Hunter can be seen officially-unnamed Southwest Hunter, known as a difficult bushwhack due to the difficulty of finding the summit register. Only use sticks from the ground that can be broken by hand. Panoramic views of not only the mountains but the adjacent Hudson Valley, Massachusetts, Connecticut and sometimes southwestern Vermont are available from it. The following year, forest rangers built the first Hunter Mountain fire tower, a 40-foot (12.2 m) structure made from three trees, on level ground near the summit. [1], Eight years later it was replaced with a more permanent steel 60-foot (18.3 m) tower, the current structure, by what was then the Conservation Commission. To wash yourself or your dishes, carry water 200 feet away from streams or lakes and use small amounts of biodegradable soap. A plaque will be unveiled during the small ceremony. In December of the latter year, James Whipple, head of the state's Forest, Fish and Game Commission (FFGC, a predecessor agency of DEC), began looking into what could be done. A short distance ahead, the trail curves to the right and follows a relatively level path along a contour for about half a mile. After a mile and a half of this downhill walking - which can be rough in a few places - you will cross a stream and arrive at a trail junction in an open, grassy area. (Exceptions are loop hikes.). A program that began in the 1990s to restore and maintain the 5 original historic Catskill Fire Towers, the Catskill Fire Tower Project keeps towers staffed on weekends and holidays from May through … Do not build structures, furniture, or dig trenches. The observer's cabin, with a small protected porch, is just to the southeast. Recent proposed changes to the Catskill State Land Master Plan would keep the Spruceton Trail within a small wild forest corridor while merging much of the remaining land with the nearby West Kill Wilderness Area, in order to allow for other possible uses of the trail, such as mountain biking. Altering a site is not necessary. Disperse use to prevent the creation of campsites and trails. [1] At an elevation of 4,040 feet (1,231 m) above sea level it is the highest fire tower in the state[7] and second-highest in the entire Northeast after 4,088-foot (1,246 m) Avery Peak on Maine's Mount Bigelow. In addition, the fire tower on Mount Utsayantha just outside the Catskill Park (in Stamford) has also been restored. Located in Greene County, it has hosted a fire tower for over a century with incredible 360-degree views that reach out to and beyond the … Feeding wildlife damages their health, alters natural behaviors, and exposes them to predators and other dangers. Emergency Numbers -  Know the emergency numbers for the area you're going to and realize that in many locations--especially mountainous ones, your phone will not get reception. Cover and disguise the cathole when finished. The old truck road, now the blue-blazed Spruceton Trail, is the most common route to the tower. For information on a specific tower managed by DEC, contact the local DEC office. The mountains of the Blackhead Range may be seen to the northeast, and Indian Head, Twin, Sugarloaf and Plateau Mountains are visible to the southeast. There have been other structures at the site. Hike up one of the 6 trail routes to the summit or ride the chair lift when it's open in the spring/summer/fall. The tower is accessible via the Appalachian Trail and the Bartram Trail, which stretches for 115 miles between North Georgia and Cheoah Bald in North Carolina. [4] "In my opinion, one man located at a station will do far more effectual work in discovering and locating fires than a hundred men already patrolling," he said. [11] Catskill forest historian Michael Kudish reports that a small shed near the cabin was removed in the early to mid-1990s.[12]. The central Catskill peaks around Slide Mountain, the highest Catskill peak, can be seen on reasonably clear days, and closer to Hunter fellow Catskill High Peaks West Kill and Rusk stand out to the southwest and west. Horses and riders may use it, and it can be traveled in the winter with snowshoes or cross-country skis. Map - Know where you are and where you are going. Soon, you'll reach a junction with the yellow-blazed Colonel's Chair Trail, which leaves to the left and leads to the top of the chairlifts at the Hunter Mountain Ski Area. Adirondack Park Fire Towers. It added a hitching rack, drinking barrel and mounting chute at the summit near the tower, corresponding with similar facilities elsewhere along the trail and at the trailhead. Campfires can cause lasting impacts to the backcountry. Hunter Mountain Fire Tower Hunter, NY, Greene County, Elevation 4,040′ This is the highest elevation fire town in New York State at over 4000 feet. It was hauled in sections up the dirt road from Spruceton (now the Spruceton Trail) with a team of horses. This trail follows a wide dirt road which provides access to the fire tower at the top of the mountain. The picture on the RIGHT show an excellent water source. Keep campsites small. In the 1990s, a DEC forester's recommendation in a draft planning document that another of the remaining firetowers be dismantled and removed as a nonconforming structure triggered (as he had hoped) a movement to save them. Use a waterproof/tear-resistant Tyvek Trail Conference map if available or enclose your map in a Ziplock plastic bag. The Mountain Fire Lookout Tower will open on Monday, May 14, 2018 for the season and close on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. HUNTER, NY -- The Catskill Center is excited to announce that the Hunter Mountain Fire Tower in Hunter, NY has reopened to visitors for the season, including its top cab, on weekends and … Choose a Resort. It is a 4-way intersection. In 1996, Hunter and the other four towers were added to the Historic Lookout Register, and then to the National Register the following year. Keep fires small. Continue on the main trail 1.25 miles to the summit and the fire tower. Are you getting tired? Consider splitting larger groups into smaller groups. Durable surfaces include established trails and campsites, rock, gravel, dry grasses or snow. In another half a mile, a sign to the right of the trail points the way to a spring (the water should be purified, if you choose to drink it). During peak season weekends, though, super-awesome volunteers open the cabins of all five Catskill fire towers, including Mt. On the summit you'll find a 60 foot tall fire tower with a killer 360 degree view of the Catskills and for miles beyond. Preserve the past: examine, but do not touch cultural or historic structures and artifacts. Hunter Mountain will be closed Monday, 11/30 through at least Thursday, 12/3. After about half a mile, the trail crosses Hunter Brook on a wide wooden bridge and then makes a sharp right turn. Avoid wildlife during sensitive times: mating, nesting, raising young, or winter. You should continue ahead, following the blue blazes. Check out some map-reading basics here. Near the end of this stretch of trail, a short side trail to the left leads to a rock ledge, with excellent views over Diamond Notch below and Southwest Hunter Mountain to the left. Is daylight fading? After continued unfavorable weather, and more in the forecast, Hunter Mountain will remain closed through Tuesday, Dec. 8. The trail now levels off for a while, and then ascends moderately, finally reaching a large clearing at the summit of the mountain, with the fire tower and a fire observer's cabin. After about half a mile, the trail crosses Hunter Brook on a wide wooden bridge and then makes a sharp right turn. Many fire tower cabins are only open during a limited time or when a steward is present. Continue ahead along the driveable road for another quarter of a mile to the Hunter Mountain parking area, where you began the hike, on the right. Warren County officials met Wednesday with a group of volunteers to discuss what needs to be done to get the trail to the long-shuttered Swede Mountain fire tower open. Enjoy a scenic and breathtaking 11-minute ride to the top of the 3200' high summit of Hunter Mountain, offering spectacular views of the Northern Catskill Mountains, the Berkshires in Massachusetts, and Vermont's Green Mountains. HUNTER — A celebration is planned at noon Saturday, Aug.19, to mark the 100-year anniversary of the fire tower atop Hunter Mountain.

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