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Hey Juan! Hi everyone , I am selling a house in Quito in the Valley of Los Chillos, my email The first thing that comes to mind is to use a realtor. Loading. If your question doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, please ask it below. You want to make sure that there are no implications in regards to inheritance law or in regard to an ex-wife or ex-husband (for a divorced person) that might be involved in the title. It is almost exclusively Spanish. The idea that some locals and fellow expats have is that all retirees are rich and therefore can afford to pay more. thank you. I will follow up with you. Happy house hunting! Are there any agents that can meet with me for consultation and show any properties that would serve my needs? There are just four search fields on the homepage: location (zone, city, province or project), type of property (house, apartment, land, commercial or other), type (rent, sell, transfer or vacation) and price (with a sliding scale). Here are six sites that you can use to find real estate across Ecuador. Contact us for more information! To begin with, there are no licensing requirements for real estate agents; as a result care should be taken as to selecting someone to represent your interests. This is truly a great opportunity for anybody looking to either start a life, retire, or invest in this beautiful country. Also interested in the town of Banos and country land near Latacunga. The house is located in a safe and quiet neighborhood, outter Quito, 10 minutes from Mitad del Mundo. 930 metros for sale in dos mangas-manglaralto in a growing area, very peaceful, with mountain views and green areas, near river, light and water, papers in order, $18.000. Web Site: Regards, I own a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, fully furnished condo in Otovalo which is approx. It is in a 1200 Mtr lot with a swimming pool, and BBQ area. Things like rent, utilities and cable? can you send pictures location, and description please. I’ve heard from many sources that real estate transactions don’t only work on percentage commission. Following the financial crisis in 2008, Portoviejo, like many other communities in Central and South America, has experienced a resurgence in the real estate market. You can either drive from Guayaquil to the coast or into Quito and get a national flight to the Manta airport. Select your Dates for more accurate results. The Multiple Listing Service is an Internet-based system for sharing information on properties for sale in Ecuador. Hotel for sale in Sua Atacames,Esmeraldas Ecuador 1200 meters with acces to the pasific ocean 25 rooms, one appartment on the top floor inside parking full equiped 10 meters from the beach in one of the most beautiful province of Ecuador. 4 bed, 4 bath 2 kitchens, 2 balconies plus stairs to the large terrace roof for entertaining. I have lived in Manta Ecuador now for 6 years and absolutely love living the beach lifestyle. Remember where you are looking for real estate. 4321 Property . Or maybe just a translator and a good lawyer. Letme have condo photos, out side and inside location_on. This post is not meant to harm individuals reputations or businesses. Did you find an agent? THE APARTMENT HAS A LARGE KITCHEN, DINING ROOM AND LIVING ROOM WITH FIREPLACE. Each varies in size and price but all come with SPECTACULAR VIEW of the ocean. I Stayed there in 2017. Hello, there are a variety of lots available, all with unique sizes. We dealt directly with the owners and rented a brand new 4 bedroom 2 ½ bath house the very first day for $260.00 a month. Renting beautiful house 3/3.5 in Quito in the valley of Pifo at 10min from the airport. Ecuador - Azuay - Cuenca . This east-west stretch that extends all the way to the Ecuadorian coastline has an elevation that ranges from 4,500 feet (starting on the Santa Isabel side) to as high as 7,000 feet (on the Girón side). Got your email this AM about the new real estate site. Great! The views from the house are spectacular all round. Find homes in the area of Ecuador where you want to live. We are selling with deed ! What is the difference? HELLO EVERYONE, Hello everyone, You only have two options for international flight arrivals: Guayaquil and Quito. View on a map for Property for Rent in Ecuador, Search for real estate and rent the latest Property in Ecuador. prefer the beach life, I’ve been a builder , like a beach lot & build my own small place , like info on how to find local prices on land & building materials, THANKS. I am selling a house in Ecuador with 11 rooms and each room has its own private bathroom, the house is 5,000 square feet. By Type. DANIELA. It seems that most people who have properties for rent or for sale prefer to market them on their own and bypass the realtors. I would like some guidance from your son on land ownership, and how is the new house? If it is going to be a single owned house (owned by an individual) a good title search might be a good idea. Show Map. Imagine the agent adding a healthy $35,000 to the price, listing at $120,000. Obviously, I didn’t speak with every agent and I’m confident that there are good, honest agents that are also foreigners. More of 700 square meters built (7750 square feet), and land is 1200 square meters (12916 square feet). I haven’t spent much time looking for furniture in Loja to be honest. I have great options in Guayaquil if interested. Search House For Sale in Guayaquil, Guayas on RE/MAX Ecuador. There are 2 houses a new one and the old one, it is beautiful. Learn how your comment data is processed. inf. The last house we rented was vacant, but did not have a for rent sign posted. just wondering if this property is still for sale? Hi Robert, With Canoa being located on the beach, obtaining the services of an experienced real estate attorney can help you ascertain the legal status of any property before committing time and money to the project. Wally, Hi this is Daniela from Ambato – Ecuador, I am selling a beautiful finca in Atahualpa, 5 minutes from the city of Ambato, has extensive gardens with many trees, as well as fruit trees. The town of Girón, with its abundance of banana and papaya trees, is located 7,000 feet up in the valley and has an almost Alps-like atmosphere. I’m not trying to trash all realtors and I’m sure that there are some good guys out there, but in a market where there is little or no regulation you have to be careful. Why Buy a Property in a Place You’ve Never Lived? hospital comparison to USA? Thanks I am based in Puerto Lopez, in the Manabi providence and I have 5 plots of land for sale. This 5 hectare property is ideal for tourism and people interested in eco friendly/ self sustainable lifestyle. Please provide e-mail for further information. I am open to others. Are You Buying For Ecuadorian Residency? Or is is provided by the government if you’re a resident? Hi there, I have a land property in Pichincha, canton Pedro Vicente Maldonado, about 2 hours driving from Quito,, 29.000 mt, excellent ubication, near the town, the main motorway is near the property, if you want further information please contact me on my mobile, 00447505999105 . We rented the house and were able to negotiate a better price using the fact that we are foreigners as a bargaining tool. While Ecuador might be just right for you, it is hard to pick the city, or even the part of the city, that you would be most happy in. I have very few absolute request. Many new expats have had to settle for housing that is different from what they were expecting. If you wish to look for a property in southern part of Ecuador (province of Loja) and wish to deal with a honest person just write to my email: Thanks Success or horror stories? Edit. Yes, we used it for our residence visa. I am seriously considering retiring in Ecuador. I’m 63 and live with two ex wives. TULIPANES - CASA # 3 - Tonsupa, Ecuador 1ra Principal y malecon, tonsupa - Tonsupa, Ecuador B1 Av de Pacifico - Ed … First, I would strongly advise anyone to rent first. There is no hidden agenda in this post (or any other that we publish). Map. I own a business called Sherlock Homes Cia. The unit is in a gated, 8 unit complex close to shopping, eating establishments and only a short drive to amazing hot springs. Looking to sell our property in campo near Riobamba. Manta: Pets pets Pool pool WiFi wifi. Compared to Vilcabamba, land prices in Yunguilla Valley are often considerably lower. Puerto Cayo is a beautiful little village with excellent food and views. Via Chilpecito (4,093.20 mi) Checa, Ecuador . If it is a big deposit you want to be insured by a legal instrument that needs to be notarized. Before we moved to Ecuador, one dilemma we faced had to do with housing. It’s important to know the area and be confident before making a big purchase. Where is the property situated? The land has a lot of green area, in addition is surrounded by trees some of them fruit. THE ROOMS HAVE SPACIOUS CLOSETS. Real Estate Let us help connect you with the property you are dreaming of. Looking to invest in an apartment or home in Quito, Ecuador. The rules and nuances of real estate in Ecuador are likely very different from your home country. Whether you want to sell or buy, we will aid you and advice you making shure all legal documentation meets the requirementes. There are lots of properties marketed to expats for even more. Learn about the parroquias of Cuenca. Sorry, we aren’t in the business of real estate transactions. Valued in 1.130.000USD we sell in opportunity in 1.000.000USD Only a 10 minute walk from the beach; you are close enough to enjoy all the town has to offer but far enough away to always have a relaxing environment. Online PaymentPayment Upon Arrival, Live the Life Pull More Weeds & Plant More Seeds, HOME REAL ESTATE ECUADOR – ECUADOR REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FINANCING – ECUADOR REAL ESTATE SERVICES – ECUADOR REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES BLOG AREAS LIVE THE LIFE LODGE EXPAT GUIDE, torrin(at)livethelifeinecuador(dotted)com, Ecuador – The World’s Best Places to Retire, Cuenca, Ecuador – Why Americans are Moving and Retiring There, 10 Day Ecuadorian Investor Vacation Package, Ecuador Beach Rentals and Accommodations in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador Rentals, Vacation Homes and Accommodations, Real Estate Ecuador – Ecuador Real Estate for Sale, Yunguilla Valley Rentals and Accommodation. How large is it and what is your asking price? This is second only to PlusValia in selection of real estate in Ecuador. Manta might be closer for some coastal destinations. Hi, I have been a continuous reader of your blog & newsletter for several years now. I’m looking for a family that is looking for a vacation home or professionals willing to stay between 1-3 months. Villa in Salinas secure gated community in Sevilla 1 Bribery and corruption are a plague around the world. Full solar power, utility free, self sufficient, running water, hot water heater/shower, large covered porches front and rear, river property, oversized lot with garden, kitchen, bedroom. It is located in a renowned, secure neighborhood at the end of a quiet closed ‘pasaje’. You can be certain that there has been some inflating of prices since they are marketing to foreigners. I was born in USA and grew up in Ecuador before moving back to the USA. I would like to visit Ecuador and investigate the ocean side area for when I retire. Are we missing one? Renting or buying a house in a foreign country can seem daunting or scary, but by using some common sense and doing your home work, and with a little help from trustworthy locals, you can work through the process without suffering the pain of paying too much or being taken advantage of, at least that has been our experience. by Mark Bradbury. Real Estate in Checa, Pichincha, Ecuador. filter_alt Filters (1) highlight_off. Thanks Take care and good luck with everything! Wait… What?! Even if you decide to use a real estate agent, it is important that you know the market. I supposed if you needed better selection, you would have to buy in cuenca nad hire a truck to Loja (3-4 hrs) In this section, you’ll learn how to rent and buy property in Cuenca Ecuador. meters, in a building located in Las Bromelias, north east sector, across new Banco Promerica headquarters, includes a parking slot and storage. However, we have found that the reality is somewhat different. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. email; I am interested in moving to Ecuador in August 2015. BESIDES THE APARTMENT HAS 2 GARAGES AND 2 WINERIES AND HAS A BEAUTIFUL BALCONY. The agent promises that price, with anything above that price going to the agent. Our friend did not skim off money or inflate the price of the house, in fact he helped us to negotiate a lower price than what was being asked and he did an inspection of the house and pointed out a couple of things that the owners needed to do before we moved in. High capital gain area. The Quito sub-domain covers the whole country. There are some things to keep in mind when house hunting in Ecuador or any other country for that matter. Do the Government run banks offer prearranged bank payments [drafts] for payments made on a regular monthly basis? Tourist places like Mindo and Tulipe are very near. Asking $75,000 for this lovely place and would rent monthly as well. Well, identical except for the price…. Search for real estate and find the latest listings of Quito Property for sale. Take a break from the noise and chaos of Cuenca and breathe the clean air of Yunguilla Valley. I am slowly adding links to useful info I have found over the years here to my new facebook page ” moving to Ecuador ” in the hopes that it might help with some of the questions such as this that people such as your self may have. Many expats are often shocked at the prices that some realtors are asking for rentals and properties for sale here. Find Property for sale in Ecuador. While there is a certain romantic flare to owning property abroad, you should ask: Why? As such, there’s a prevalence of exclusive properties in the area – you’ll still find affordable real estate here though. Rely on your lawyer not your real estate agent. That is just one example of the disappointment that some expats suffer when faced with realities that are often different from their expectations. Either 2-3 BR +2 bath condo or apartment with amenities included. Our first project was when we moved from the US to Cuenca and Kathy worked with us to find the perfect rental condo to start our new life in Cuenca. Curious about where to move? For example, within just the canton of Cuenca there are 36 different parroquias (or parishes). The owner dropped the price by about 15% off the original decent asking price of $300.00. If you still love it after that time frame, start looking to buy. From our perspective, the inflation is primarily caused by foreigners taking advantage of fellow foreigners, and specifically in regards to higher priced real estate. Greg. One of the stronger real estate sites in Ecuador with 22,000+ listings. TEAM. You can check out my website here: It has beautiful gardens and also extra land at the back of the house. If you like a house for sale and you want to speak with a professional, simply contact the listing agent right from page of listing details. Great advice. Ecuador living: Learn about life in Ecuador from these actual expats. As each variable is chosen, the number of matching properties automatically adjusts. To help, we’ve created this listing of all the daily papers. 3 floors, living room, dining room, kitchen, studio, two bedrooms, a master berdroom, a hall with chimney, a nice attic, a garden with a torage room and BBQ area, laundry and a small house with a suite. You and your wives should probably stay where you are. The lot is 500 suquare meters (1640 square feet); the house is about 260 m2 (853 ft2) and the suite is 50 m2 (164 ft2). When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. Great question. It was absurd to stand in line for any document and expect that the line would not be delayed by the tramitantes who walked behind the desk and paid to get a stack of permits. Obviously, they could move more inventory if they marketed in Spanish as well. 5 out of 5 stars. Buying a property is a great idea – but why not move to your new town and rent for 6 months to 2 years? For more information please contact Sylvia Fohmzttad. So if you buy purchase that is under construction normally (in a condominium for example) the title of ownership is not available yet. I have a beautiful luxury home for sale in El Ingenio, Puembo, Quito. My name is Greg Fidler. The search feature is strong and easy to sort. Thank you in advance. First of all, I personally would avoid the realtors who specifically target foreigners, or at least proceed with caution when dealing with them. Find Property for sale in Quito, Pichincha. My husband and I live on a gorgeous pine filled hacienda an easy hour outside of wonderful Cuenca. That area is not bad. It is a SPANISH country. They simply stick a sign in the window or put a small ad in the paper. In every area with a developing expat community, there are English real estate agents. When basic condos might go for $300,000+ in your home city, the difference between $100,000 and $140,000 might seem negligible – especially when located in a brand-new luxury building.

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