victoria cruziana common name

Victoria cruziana - Victorianøkkerose, Victoriavannlilje, Santa Cruz Water Lily : Botanical Garden - Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway Victoria cruziana. Victoria amazonica (Poepp.) Such is the curiosity and wonderment of… VICTORIA cruziana. Pad Color: Green Giant Water Platter, Santa Cruz Waterlily. ID - 88017. Common names: Santa Cruz waterlily, giant waterlily, water-platter (English); irupé (Spanish). Scientific plant list. Common Name Santa Cruz water-lily. The Victoria cruziana A.D. Orb. Interpretation Translation  Victoria cruziana. Flower Color: White. Victoria cruziana or the Santa Cruz Waterlilly is a giant aquatic perennial plant that produces leaves around 1.8m in diameter that float on top of the water. (1840) is a rhizomatous herbaceous freshwater plant, perenial with short life, with rhizome rooted into the bottom sediment. Special Notice. Browse Plants by Common Name; Browse Plants by Genus; Browse Plants by Family; Browse Plants by USDA Hardiness Zone; Browse Plants by Origin; About Plants & Flowers; Cultivation. To avoid inundation they have a lip surrounding the flat leaf that turns upwards about 10cms. Common Name: Victoria cruziana Scientific name: Victoria cruziana Hardiness/Type: Tropical. Common Name Santa Cruz water-lily. Victoria cruziana Santa Cruz Water Lily. General Description. Scientific plant list. This entry has yet to be reviewed and approved by L2G editors. 2013. Symbol Key - VICR4. 2013. General Care; Light Requirements; Potting Soil; Watering; ... Home Victoria cruziana. genus Victoria; species cruziana; cultivar; common Santa Cruz Water Lily; hardiness zone 10 - 11; height 0 - 6 Inches; spread 15 - 18 Feet; Search Plants by Name. Hairy undersides also help it to float. J.C. Sowerby; Victoria Lindl. The large-leaved sultan of the tropical water garden! Plant Common Name. Please call for stock availability. Night blossoming ... j Full Sun % Great Foliage; p Partial Sun; v Water Garden; More Information. Botanical Family Nymphaeaceae. Victoria cruziana Common Name: Victoria, Amazon Water Lily Family: Nymphaeaceae Many on campus would be surprised to find out that a giant water lily from the Amazon that can grow up to three meters in diameter is thriving in a tank here in Seattle at the University of Washington. Botanical Family Nymphaeaceae. Victoria cruziana (Santa Cruz water lily, water platter, yrupe, synonym Victoria argentina Burmeist.)

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