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Spirea. I know the smell of cat urine well. Now I’ll have to go smell the Buxus microphylla “Wintergreen’ I planted around the propane tank. Boxwoods pruned in this manner may take a few years to recover. . So many of the plant suggestions here have are species which have turned into unwelcomed invasive species over time. […] to come across a post today from one of my favorite blogs: Garden Rant. See more ideas about shrubs for landscaping, dwarf shrubs, shrubs. Before … In Boston, we use boxwood only when our customers ask or the situation calls for a custom made fit. Loropetalum- A good companion plant for limemound spirea is loropetalum raspberry. Spirea are stunning landscape plants that produce a variety of beautiful colored flowers every year. There are a number of spirea … GardenRant is the work of these highly opinionated gardeners: So they smell like cat piss………………….also one of their greatest selling points in the battle against deer. We love the smell. Yes, my fuzzy hedge is not very tidy. It deserves our respect and consideration. Mr.Winston specifically recommended ‘Wintergreen’. Sometimes it is in the nose of the beholder. Spirea shrubs are found in more than 80 species and dozens of varieties. The summer variety offers upright branches with white, red, or pink flowers. So far has stayed that size. Trim and tidy boxwoods. Well not everyone is a gardener, in fact, only a small percentage of homeowners know enough or care enough to have beautiful gardens with a wide variety of plants, so they stick with what is easy. I was so enamored by the survival of my first boxwoods that when it came time to screen the wind near my front door and outline the circular driveway (or, if you prefer, to slow and divert the feng shui flow of qi in the area), I chose to buy 12 inexpensive Buxus microphylla koreana ‘Wintergreen’ plants to create a hedge. Hence, it makes sense to use bright … Gabriel Connor Salter is a freelance writer and editor who has had over 280 articles published by various organizations.   Boxwoods are a staple plant here in Atlanta where they may be accused of over-use, but in the hands of a good designer are never a bad thing. I suspect it was the large Sarcococca whatever that was in bloom, or it could have been something else I could not see (the previous house had overgrown landscaping that was mostly kept, since they are using the old garden shed to store construction supplies). A friend I love and respect once told me that in the evolution of appreciation of wine it goes white, then red, and then eventually back to white. Spirea can grow to a height of 3 feet to 10 feet and require pruning yearly to promote flower blooming. It just stinks occasionally. And if you’re in USDA Zone 5B (me again) a lot of those desirable options (Lonicera nitida, Osmanthus) aren’t going to work, though I wish I could grow them. The solution is simple: trimming spirea … So does lavender. View our Privacy Policy here. Aster lateriflorus- Another wonderful companion for light colured spireas is the Aster lateriflorus or ‘Prince’. I suspect the same with those who cannot appreciate boxwoods. It’s not similar in the least. Grasses or succulents, even? I discovered that it is the tiny little blossoms that smell like that. Ain’t that a hoot? American boxwood, also known as common boxwood… For years, we blamed the neighborhood cats, whom we see marking territories all over in other yards, for the horrible cat urine stench in front of our house. This easy-care mounding plant blends beautifully with the blue flower spikes of 'May Night' perennial salvia. Adding insult to injury, however is not beyond the reach of the most diabolical garden authorities. The Korean types are extremely useful for us as a fast growing malleable option for hedges and knots and parterres. I am one of those that can detect no scent at all from boxwood. Mar 2, 2016 - Garden designs ideas and pictures for Hudson valley homes The following article contains information on how to prune spirea along with other helpful tips for cutting back spirea shrubs. Jim, I’m so with ya. Guest Post by veterinary surgeon and master gardener James Roush/Garden Musings. These shrubs come in many shapes and sizes, so you can just about guarantee you’ll find more than a few that are just right for your situation. That is interesting, because last week a local garden show had as its “plant of the week” Sarcococca hookeriana, or “Himalayan Sweet Box” (a dwarf version under a meter, others go to two meters high). The best solution for boxwood decline is to replace the shrubs with species that are not susceptible. Copyright© This shrub all often used in mass or as a hedge but their care can be the same if used as a specimen. Take it from me,  don’t plant boxwoods by your front door. submitted to our " Community Forums". These are broadleaf plants that are very hardy, and they are easy to prune.You can choose from four basic kinds of boxwoods – Korean, Japanese, English and American.English boxwoods are the most common. Spireas are … Though it may be because I am in a maritime climate that I’ve seen more interesting alternatives like rosa rugosa (especially if you don’t like intruders), rosemary and even one of Camellia sinensis at the UW’s Medicinal Herb Garden: If your site (like mine, a garden surrounding a Federal period house) needs a certain amount of formality, then you want a hedge that can take some clipping. For the love of humanity, can we get people to try something else? She's an experienced home improvement researcher and project creator with a wide range of interests, and especially enjoys learning about patio construction, landscaping, and exterior design. . Yeah, they smell bad . Functional, yes , but undesirable. GardenRant has been online since June 2006 and quickly developed a following among garden bloggers, garden writers and editors, and landscape nursery business professionals. One interesting thing is there is a house being constructed near ours, and hubby and I like to walk by to see the progress. It reminds me of my childhood. Boxwood Instead of Yews Foundation Shrub Alternatives Foundation shrub plantings are a great addition to the landscape, enhancing the aesthetic value and the beauty of any structure. This plant is a member of the rose family and comes in more than 80 species and several different varieties. Drought hardy, deer resistant, grows slowly enough to not need much shearing, small, tight leaf texture,no disease or bug problems. An excellent evergreen shrub for small hedges. About Spirea Pruning. He has worked as a handyman for various individuals since 2013, with a focus on lawn care and home renovation.  1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. But I rarely use it as I’d rather put in evergreens with flowers and sometimes fragrance for a hedge: Indica azaleas, August Beauty gardenia, Leacothoe populifolia, tea olives, etc. New flowers grow on new spirea shoots every year, so pruning back yearly will ensure your spirea … We can’t ask them, so maybe it’s something else about them. Just like human males. Great plant. I feel the same about Jacarandas. Osmanthus, maybe? But on the other hand, it doesn’t take time away from the wife, children, dogs, and cats or money from my wallet. I’m still stuck in the red phase and have been for years. The advice given in the article? These include paper white narcissus, chameleon plant (Houttuynia cordata), fennel and cilantro (yes, I am one of those). I, too disliked them once, but now I garden with them and love the weight of them. Boxwoods as the perfect container plants. Boxwoods for landscaping. It wasn’t until a couple years ago we finally realized it was our boxwoods that smelled like that. Justin Brouwers is a nice variety to replace suffruiticosa. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. but my main beef with boxwoods is overuse, which looks like it will continue unabated if the garden “fashion” media have their way! Buy It: 'Double Play' Gold Spirea… Spirea … ProfessorRoush would like to call down a pox on all garden authorities who have advocated various winter hardy boxwoods to be excellent landscaping plants. True, there’s always some plant or other to gripe about. If I liked boxwood, I’m sure my post would have been on something else. English boxwood is often referred to as dwarf boxwood due to its slow growth … The creeping juniper can also be planted in the background to make it more attractive. Boxwood is a versatile plant often used as a backdrop for low-growing shrubs and perennial plants, or they are used to create symmetrical edgings around flowers, herbs or vegetables. Add to existing landscaping for a burst of color or use in mass planting. Well, Jim, I at least avoid the clipping brigade. The odor is possibly my favorite, conjuring up only mystery and midsummer, with zero overtones of kitty cats. I have one of those piss trees in my yard whose days are numbered. I have been told certain plants smell lovely, only to find them repulsive. The common name of rock spirea evokes its flower sprays which are much like those of the Spiraea genus. Unneutered male cat piss to be exact. We have been named Best Garden Blog, Most Innovative Garden Blog, and Best Written, by a jury of our peers. Its bronze leaves turn lime-green as they grow, and then mahogany in the fall. Pruning spirea after a couple of years will rejuvenate the plant. All rights reserved. Funny I planted Dwarf English Boxwood (Buxus suffructicosa I believe) because my husband (who grew up in Europe) was nostaglic for the smell. There’s a certain “something” about box that makes it just “more” than other broadleaf evergreens. Though we love it in the uk for the way it takes clipping, – and I’m a bit bemused by your fuzzy hedge…. The reddish … Retains its dark green foliage in the hottest summers, becoming bronze-tinged in cold weather. The early spring blooming variety offers cascading branches decorated with clusters of white flowers. © 2019 Copyright retained by the authors. DoublePlay®Big Bang has explosive, colorful foliage and massive pink flowers. Plus, some shrubs like this Spirea bumalda 'Goldflame' produce both colorful flowers and foliage. You see, the one thing that most boxwood advocates fail to disclose is that boxwoods, at certain times of the year, smell like cat urine. Thrives in enriched, well-drained, neutral to slightly acidic soils. My wife loves cilantro and I run screaming from anything that contains it (one of the reasons I avoid eating at Chipotle is their rice is full of cilantro). We welcome your comments and So far never planted a boxwood; never wanted to, never needed to. Spirea offers two varieties, a spring-blooming one or a summer-blooming option. Their post titled, “Boxwoods? "Green Gem" boxwood (Buxus "Green Gem") grows 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall with a similar spread. The like the early bloom, love shade and we place them near trees when possible. . Smells like wet dog. I have a boxwood with Rochester on the name. Ideas for Using Spirea Shrubs in Your Ga... Ideas for Using Spirea Shrubs in Your Garden. Seek out the species Buxus microphylla. Sprinter® Boxwood. And it repels the deer. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Fired a landscaper a few years back after he recommended ripping out a huge hosta bed under old spruce and replacing them with boxwood! . My boxwoods are all free-growing….because if I had to tolerate both the smell and also to keep them trimmed to perfection, I’d have already ripped them out! Early spirea (Spiraea thunbergii): This 3- to 5-foot-tall spirea … Website operating I look for the plain sempervirens varieties since, to my nose, the smell has been almost eliminated from the others, such as the “Wintergreen” discussed above. And one of the only outside smells I know worse than boxwood is Houttuynia cordata. Don’t know why the stray toms can’t understand there is no need to pee and hang around. As for the smell – I’m in the camp that likes it. For more information on pruning: See UW-Extension bulletins A1817 , A1771 , A1730 … Boxwoods are hardy, durable shrubs. Spireas are sturdy plants that have twiggy branches and small leaves. I never knew they smelled bad, but then boxwood were never a plant of my youth or any other period of life. Where did it become written that a well-landscaped home has to have boxwoods clipped like pedigreed poodles standing around the front door doing nothing all year? Good for them! Always hear the same complaints about “overuse” – of Stella da Oro, boxwoods, yews, azaleas, Knockout roses, etc. I did the same. You can even plant any summer spirea, mostly the pink ones with loropetalum. Dwarf yaupon holly. Pruning should be done in early spring before leafing out. To me it reeks of cat. I’ll take those “overused” plants any day compared to the many barren expanses of lawn I see throughout most neighborhoods. It’s always the same. One of the most versatile shrubs, boxwoods bring year-round color to the garden. Spirea is a lovely foundation plant, providing greenery and flowers. Spiraea japonica ‘Sparkling Carpet’ ‘Sparkling Carpet’ Spirea. If you realize the source of that stench around your house comes from the boxwoods, then search terms such as “boxwood” and “cat piss” will turn up any number of entries about the problem, ranging from how it will diminish the sale value of your home, to sources where the authors claim to like the odor, claiming “it reminds me of happy hours spent in wonderful European gardens, surrounded by brilliant flowers, the hum of bees and the redolence of boxwood.”   I’m sad to confirm that if you park your car in my circular driveway right now, the odor as you step outside the car will not remind you of happy hours in European gardens. Anyway, I went on a big ol’ anti-boxwood rant last summer, so am glad to read that I’m not the only one who thinks it’s over-used! Well, a little bit, anyway. I tell my clients the tall tale of Buxus being native, originally, to north Africa and forming an adaptation of smelling like lions to thwart hungry gazelles. It seems someone always has a gripe about something relating to almost every plant in this industry. My boss planted some for wildlife purposes, and now at bloom time he says he is too embarrassed to invite people to his house. English boxwood is rounded, and the overall shape of the plant is similar to a cloud.

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