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Crayfish Plague, on the other hand, is treacherous to crayfish and every invertebrate in your aquarium. As you most likely know, crayfish love fish of every type. Get pet care advice from the professionals. Aquarium crayfish are not good tank mates for tropical community fish. Dwarf mexican crayfish comes both from Mexico and the USA. Electric Blue Crayfish Tank Mates. The tank has to be completely covered, and I mean solid. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about keeping dwarf crayfish with betta fish together in your freshwater aquarium! I was thinking of getting a crayfish. So I have a 20 gal. Tank Mates that Will WorkAs it seems, there are fish that may be put in a fish tank with blue crayfish and survive. ghost-shrimps shrimps tank-mates. And it’s also important to remember that when it comes to bettas, there’s no tank mate that’s 100% compatible. Crayfish (and betta fish!) The eggs of red claw crayfish hatch … Let me make this clear, two crayfish can’t just always live in one tank together unless the tank size is substantial and there are plenty of hideouts. While these crayfish have been observed largely as detritivores, they have been known to go after smaller invertebrates, like ghost shrimp, in the aquarium. You might even witness your crayfish trying to get a bit more creative with their efforts to mess with their tank mates. Hatchet fish work nice in a tank with crayfish as a result of they swim on the high of the aquarium. This of course makes them great blue crayfish tank mates. Two different forms of fish chances are you’ll need to take into account are rosy purple minnows and rainbow darters; amongst a number of others.Simply do your analysis like you might be doing now. Would it eat mystery snails? KK F. 5 years ago. Hi everyone. More clownfish tank mates suitable for a 30-gallon aquarium Valentin’s sharpnose puffer. How Do I Know If My Pet Has Chronic Kidney Disease. I basically transform make crayfish tank and introduce the orange crayfish with the blue. Is there anything I could keep with it that it won't eat? A small-grained, sandy substrate would be better than gravel for your crayfish as it could burrow and get injured by harder and sharper substrates. Your email address will not be published. Mexican dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus patzcuarensis). Adding new tank mates to your aquarium always carries the risk of certain species of fish not getting along with each other. Among all types of Crayfish, it is seen to have an appetite for plants and algae. They’re often called many different names interchangeably. And how do I keep the water healthy/clean. Different crayfish could make good blue crayfish tank mates. My current crayfish has grown from the size of a nickel to over 9" long and living by itself. As with all of our crayfish, the coloration of the Electric Blue Lobster is EXTREMELY high quality – much higher quality than others on the market! – The little blue critter.Different Crayfish. Not much is known about their preferred conditions, but they have been documented in warmer waters and have been known to burrow in drought conditions. When he/she gets bigger, you'll find out. Nonetheless, you simply have to ensure they’re the identical species.Crayfish could be territorial. They seem to prefer slow-moving and standstill shallow conditions with emergent plants where they are sheltered and can feed on detritus. In order for this trio to work, all three would have to be completely unaware of each other’s presence, which is very unlikely and should not be tried. They offer crayfish a spot to burrow. Hatchet fish work nice in a tank with crayfish as a result of they swim on the high of the aquarium. The only one I can say that I had a lot of success with was the red cloud minnows as they are quick, small and typically leave the crayfish be. Required fields are marked *. – And sadly when this occurs, they’ll grow to be the goal of different crayfish within the tank. He is a quick swimmer and does fairly effectively with the crayfish.I even have a hatchet fish. Buying a crayfish in the future. answer #2. groovygourami. Fire Eel (20cm) 2. Properly fish that may at the least have a significantly better probability of surviving. This also means that any ‘freshwater lobster’ you may see advertised is actually a crayfish as well. Two other types of fish you may want to consider are rosy red minnows and rainbow darters; among several others. Two different forms of fish chances are you’ll need to take into account are rosy purple minnows and rainbow darters; amongst a number of others.Simply do your analysis like you might be doing now. They just can’t catch them, but adding a Crayfish will limit your other options. Crayfish belong to the Astacoidea and Parastacoidea superfamilies, which are related to Nephropidae but are not the same animal. Often, aquarium crayfish are too territorial and aggressive for fish like black mollies, sword tails, Corys and Otocinclus. In 2017 The pets care is the most popular blog. i was wondering if there are any top dwelling fish that can handle low temps and have a good chance of not being caught by my crayfish...the tank just Don’t be tempted to purchase one just because it looks interesting. 6 were gone by the first week. By scientific categorization, a lobster belongs to the Nephropidae family. 5 years ago. These crayfish stay incredibly tiny and usually reach their full size between 1.0-1.5 inches (2.5-3.8 cm). Before you decide to introduce dwarf crayfish into your tank, there’s a lot of information you’re going to need to know. This is the animal care blog for all of the normal users. The major problem that happens with dwarf crays and bettas is that the crayfish goes after finnage; short fins may help keep your betta out of reach even if the crayfish has small pincers! Your email address will not be published. Copyright © 2020 Pets Care Advice. I'm partial to the orange variety, myself. This would mean that no, a saltwater lobster cannot live with a freshwater betta. setting up your tank with both species in mind, keeping dwarf crayfish and betta fish together, A small-grained, sandy substrate would be better than gravel for your crayfish. This may be one thing so simple as a bit of PVC pipe or a retailer purchased decoration.Personally, synthetic “hideouts” that appear like logs work nice. I know i cannot have this guy with many tank mates as he eats them. Hatchet fish work great in a tank with crayfish because they swim at the top of the aquarium. At least a 10 gallon (37.9 L) tank is recommended for only one betta fish and one dwarf crayfish; in these cases, a taller tank is better than a long tank to make a physical height difference between the two. – And burrowing and hiding out shall be particularly essential when crayfish moult.When crayfish moult, they’ll grow to be delicate. Clown Loach (4cm) 6. Hi Michael, Dwarf mexican crayfish are just a delight to own. A White Crayfish can be a vibrant and beautiful addition to an established freshwater aquarium provided it is kept with compatible species. Here are a few questions you should consider before going out and purchasing a betta fish and/or dwarf crayfish: Some hobbyists have had success keeping bettas with crayfish or bettas with dwarf crayfish, however, there is little to no chance that all three would get along. Whatever you call them, al… It prefers places with slow water flow or standing bodies of water. See more ideas about Aquarium, Fish tank, Crayfish. Jul 22, 2015 - Explore Stephanie D'Mello's board "Crayfish Aquarium" on Pinterest. The typical size at maturity of this species is about 35mm (~1,5 inches). Make sure to give both your betta and crayfish enough space within the tank, with a taller tank being better than a longer tank. There's not much that they wont eat if they can catch it. Dwarf Crayfish (from the genus Cambarellus) are the smaller versions of standard crayfish you see in the fish-keeping community. Tank mates includes: 1. Most simply, lobsters live in saltwater while crayfish live in freshwater and the two are loosely related. are escape artists and dwarf crays can fit through even smaller cracks and crevices! These crayfish come in a blue variety (Cambarellus texanus var. These are absolutely stunning tank mates to add to your tank. Required fields are marked *. Black Ghost Knife Fish (10 cm) 3. Aquarium crayfish are too territorial and aggressive for fish like black mollies, sword tails, Corys and Otocinclus. 4-5 danios, Red railed or rainbow shark, Chinese algea eater Gold or opaline or blue gourami Golden dream killifish Rasboras Any kind of bichir 1 angel Maybe a school of black neon tetras? He thinks he’s slick. Blood Parrot (8cm) 4. I want to get a blue crayfish and was wondering if any of these would be good tank mates!? There are many fairly fish that may coexist with blue crayfish. When you personal a blue crayfish, you might have discovered the onerous method that not simply any ol’ fish will work in a fish tank with a crayfish. We ‘re not recommending that you go that small though. in Fish I've had crayfish for years. Be prepared to have to rehome one of the two in case either one is especially aggressive. 22-10-2017. These crayfish are naturally found in a very limited range in central Texas, in between the Lavaca River and the Brazos River. Make sure that the tank is tightly secured. Unfortunately a lot of fish that would make for good tank mates are too big to house with him in a 20g. While this is true for the most part, there have been some success stories with keeping bettas with small invertebrates, like dwarf crayfish. A Crayfish irrespective of its temperament are omnivorous, but the Dwarf Orange Crayfish is different from others. These are two main dwarf crayfish species you’re most likely to come across in aquarium stores that might work best for your betta tank: Brazos dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus texanus). The brazos dwarf crayfish is one of the most popular dwarf crayfish to be kept with betta fish. Blue crayfish Tank size The ideal tank size for blue crayfish depends However, Some fish-keepers saw success raising Electric Blue Crayfish as small as 10 gallons in tanks. While most find that dwarf crayfish are only really aggressive towards each other, it is not unheard of for a dwarf crayfish to go after a shrimp. Make sure to always research tank mates before adding them to your tank! If planning to keep this tank setup, it is also recommended to get short-finned betta varieties instead of long-finned ones. They do like to do some landscaping whenever they feel like it. Would ghost shrimps work out? Dwarf Crayfish And Betta Tank Mate Guide. Once we’ve tested a sufficient number we’ll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Crayfish Tank Mates. As we mentioned before, keeping dwarf crayfish and betta fish together is largely about luck and the personalities of each. I put him with 11 little mosquito fish from my lake to see how he'd do. This may help deter your dwarf crayfish and betta fish from taking an interest in each other, but there is never any guarantee. SAE (5cm) So it is an excellent thought to have a “hideout” or decoration in your tank for every crayfish. The Mexican dwarf crayfish is a favorite among crayfish keepers due to their captive-bred orange variation (Cambarellus patzcuarensis var. Their natural coloration is various tones of greys and tans, making for a camouflaged-marbled effect. Basically it dwells in streams and small rivers, though it can be also encountered in ponds and lakes. Community tank … All Rights Reserved. About Pet Care – A Nicely Groomed Canine Or Cat, is Truly a Wholesome One, Socializing At Puppy Play Groups And Kindergarten Classes, Shop for Dog Foods Hassle-Free Online In Australia, 5 Amazing Reasons Why A Cat Is the Best Pet You Should Have At Home. Crayfish live in the benthic/bottom zone which makes ponds and tanks largely under-utilized. The aquarium can be filled to the top for the crayfish, although you need to make sure there isn’t anything is can use to climb out if you don’t have an aquarium lid (and even they, they’ve been known to escape). Aquarium crayfish are not good tank mates for tropical community fish. Would any of these work? They ship as 2 to 3 inch long young adults. We will be continually updating this page as we launch new reviews. Crayfish Plague is caused by water mold, but it’s not a disease that will develop in your aquarium community. Nonetheless, simply anticipate it, someday you’ll get up or come residence from work and one among your favourite little fishies shall be lacking… And you’ll know precisely who responsible. guppies moss mystery-snails plants snails. So in the event you put sluggish shifting fish within the tank, or fish that feed on the underside of the tank, the possibilities of these fish getting eaten are fairly friggin’ good. Even if things seem to be going well for an extended period of time, there is always the possibility that one day one of them may be missing from the tank. A pregnant female crayfish holds about 1 berry per 1 gram of body weight producing 100s of the little crayfish. For more information about keeping betta fish with shrimp, make sure to check out our guide here. These particular species often do not have any intention to harm the tank mates or live plants. Dwarf Mexican Crawfish Tank Mates. Typically, keeping other creatures with aggressive invertebrates is a big no-no. There should be lots of hiding places throughout the tank, in the form of caves, plant pots, and other aquarium decorations; though dwarf crayfish are naturally detritivores, they may most likely try to eat any live plants that are introduced to the tank. These dwarf crayfish are mainly native to Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico but have also been documented in local springs in Chapultepec, Opopeo, and Tzurumutaro, Mexico. Electric blue crayfish care for aquarium fish tanks. Provide lots of hiding spots, feed often, and try to get a betta with shorter fins. It takes them between 5 and 7 months (depends on the temperature) to mature enough to have their own babies. “Orange”). They can often be seen climbing on decorations to get closer to fish or the tank lid. You may learn this the hard way, when your fish start being aggressive with each other. I’ve edited on where to buy these from! Due to their very specific and limited range that has since become polluted, they are listed as endangered. However, when adding a dwarf crayfish to the tank, it is best to give as much space as you can to help prevent them from having to interact with each other too much; if they don’t see each other a lot, then there’s less of a possibility that they will injure each other! being a benthic recycler, they can attack any dying or ill fish as they do in their natural ecosystem. By Jacob M. Denney There are a few extra steps you will need to take in order for your dwarf crayfish and betta fish to live peacefully together, but regular maintenance and upkeep is easy and very rewarding! Discovering blue crayfish tank mates is just not that tough to do, however you must know what forms of “friends” your blue good friend will like.Backside Feeders and Sluggish FishBottom feeders and sluggish fish don’t make good blue crayfish tank mates. This crayfish may TEMPORARILY change color after molting, which may occur during shipping. You should not try to keep the two together if you have not done enough research or haven’t set up the tank in the most efficient way. This implies dwell fish and lifeless fish alike. Due to their adult size, the minimum tank size that you should go with is 30 gallons. Someone just tell me all about water maintenance would be much appreciated. What kind of water do I fill a crayfish tank with? Due to its asexual mode of reproduction, even a single marbled crayfish can overpopulate a home aquarium in a short time. Personally, I suggest at least a 10-gallon fish tank kit for one crayfish and a 55-gallon aquarium kit if you plan on adding other fish or another crayfish. Only if you introduce an already-infected crayfish into your tank will you have trouble. They have a size that more closely mimics that of a shrimp, making them a great option for smaller aquariums. Your email address will not be published. I'm really new to crayfish and I've just bought 2 freshwater crayfishes (about 7cm each) to add on into my 4 ft aquarium tank. However, there seem to be a few tips and tricks that could satisfy the needs of both, allowing them to peacefully live together: For one betta alone, a 5 gallon (18.9 L) aquarium is usually sufficient. answer #2. For instance, I’ve a purple tail shark in my ten gallon tank. A wild type Mexican dwarf crayfish is naturally tan and brown and may grow to about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm); the aquarium hobby has since selectively bred the species to make them express a vibrant orange coloration, though their adult size remains unchanged. Tank mates for crayfish? Will breed with a male mate in home freshwater aquariums! Little is known about their preferred environments, though the spring and lake areas they come from are at high altitudes, subject to colder temperatures, and only about 40 feet (12.2 m) deep. Puffers are fish that can inflate their bodies like a balloon when they are angry or surprised. Community tank fish will have no defense against their sharp claws. These are two main dwarf crayfish species you’re most likely to come across in aquarium stores that might work best for your betta tank: Brazos dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus texanus). “Blue”) that is especially desirable. Also, try to get the Latin names of the livestock you are purchasing just in case you need to research more about them later on. We spend 72 hours on researching and comparing 17 of popular models to determine the Best Crayfish Tank Mates 2020 you can buy. Pleco (8cm) 7. Breeding Marbled crayfish is super easy because they do not even have to mate! Most species of puffers grow too large and are too aggressive to do well in an average-sized aquarium, but the Valentini sharpnose puffer stays small – around 4 inches (10 centimeters) long. You might have heard that betta fish can’t be kept with anything else, at all. Another trick that some hobbyists have found works for the betta fish/dwarf crayfish duo is to make sure that they are both fed well and often. Crayfish are normally added to the tank when they are small but once they reach a certain maturity size, they are best taken out and put in a solitary confinement with one crayfish per tank or in groups with only your pet being the single species. Don’t be tempted to purchase one just because it looks interesting. All these fish are in fact the precise reverse of the fish talked about above.Fish that may work in a fish tank with blue crayfish are fish that may swim quick and/or swim in the direction of the highest of the tank. In short, possibly yes. Also I read that they like to eat plants, but what about marimo moss balls? Tank Size: 10 gallons+; Not all great companions are fish. As it is, most betta fish see shrimp as a quick snack; that isn’t to say that some hobbyists haven’t had luck keeping bettas with ghost shrimp! So I plan on getting a dwarf Mexican crawfish and was wondering what tanks I could put in with him. How many Hikari crab cuisine pellets to feed blue lobster a day? There are a few ways to increase the likelihood of success though, like choosing the appropriate dwarf crayfish species, setting up your tank with both species in mind, having ideal water conditions, and making adjustments at the first signs of trouble. Rainbow fish (3 cm) 5. The brazos dwarf crayfish is one of the most popular dwarf crayfish to be kept with betta fish. Patzcuaro is from Cambaridae family, Cambarellus species. This in fact makes them nice blue crayfish tank mates. Therefore, you should always check the compatibility between different fish, and pick tank mates that are good companions for each other. However, a considerable amount of hobbyists have had success keeping both betta and dwarf crayfish together in the same aquarium. Your email address will not be published. Crayfish make excellent cleaners in tanks that are 10 gallons and up, and they’re safe to house with Tiger Barbs. Would it eat that too? You’ll probably run out of square ft. before you overload your biofilter since they need a lot of space. Unfortunately, this is usually based on trial and error and ends up in a missing invertebrate or damaged betta. This includes the Mexican Dwarf Crayfish, CPO Crayfish, Orange Dwarf Crayfish, and more. Keeping dwarf crayfish with betta fish can definitely be tricky and may end up in a dead fish or a dead crayfish. If you have any questions about keeping dwarf crayfish with betta fish or have had experience with keeping the two together in the same tank, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! Technically speaking, the Dwarf Crayfish encompasses a few different freshwater species. Are there any good tank mates for cherax quad's? At the end of the day, compatibility is largely decided on by the personality of the fish and the crayfish. There is a lot of discussions about which tank mates can actually go with betta fish and which can’t. So i have a blue dwarf crayfish he has hiding spots in a 10 gallon. This in fact makes them nice blue crayfish tank mates.

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